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April 26, 2008

Racism? Who's Racism? Bitterness? Who's Bitterness?

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Xformed over at the Wide Awakes points to Mary Grabar's column at Townhall as "putting it to Barack Obama, and importantly, emphasizing how those (of us) who have never gotten the special treatment of the likes of the Obamas - have just gone to work and dealt with it all these years.

Of Obama and his ilk, Xformed writes:

I guess it takes a privileged, spoiled brat like BhO to bring out the bitterness, that others have managed to handle with a degree of dignity along the way, and understand that life here in the US is far better from where their families came from, too.

Mary Grabar writes (emphasis mine):

[...] We know who you're talking about, Barack Obama, when you talk about Pennsylvania and the Midwest, about small towns where the jobs have left. We know who you're talking about when you talk about those who "get bitter" and "cling to guns or religion."

You're talking about "those people."

You're talking about white people who have neither the family connections nor the racial credentials to gain entrance to the world that you inhabit. Many of the people you're talking about are those whose parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were immigrants from Central and Eastern Europe who came to these places to work in steel mills, coal mines, and factories. We know the code words.

You're talking about people whose culture is little known. We have been pretty quiet. We never tried to impose our culture on everyone. We never insisted on putting pictures of ourselves in our native dress into schoolbooks or mandating that our stories and songs be part of the curriculums.

We tried to maintain our culture without government aid, by forming our own churches and groups, and building Polish, Ukrainian, and Slovenian halls.

We never wore buttons declaring "Slav Power" or grouped together for purposes of intimidation or violence.

The power we asked for was the power of the paycheck which we earned in factories, steel mills, coal mines, or by cleaning houses. Yet, we were taken aside and told that because of affirmative action it was no use trying to advance off the assembly line; we were told in "diversity workshops" that people of color had to be promoted over more qualified white people. I know this, Barack, because I have family members and friends who worked in factories.

We used to trudge in to work and change into work clothes, like my father did. He began by knowing only one word of English, "Okay," which he found to be the most useful one in the language. When the boss man handed him a broom or pointed to a piece to be welded, he fairly leapt to the task. My uncles were injured in construction and mining accidents, and went back to work.

But what did we get for that, Barack? We paid cash for our houses and kept impeccable yards, yet saw the value of our homes plummet after marauding hoodlums came into our neighborhoods in riots that were celebrated by the intelligentsia in Manhattan penthouses, who saw such violence as justified expressions of outrage over past discrimination.

We went to public schools in those same neighborhoods only to be accosted for our skin color and the presumed "privilege" that teachers said we had. Rather than teach us what was good and beautiful about Western Civilization and the country to which our parents had fled, teachers gave us Marxist nonsense, if they bothered to teach at all. Our schoolmates saw the evening news, mimicked their elders by wearing "Black Power" buttons and felt justified in roughing the white kid who didn't seem tough. Because we were "privileged"--despite washing our fathers' sooty work clothes while our mothers went off to clean offices and houses in the suburbs--we were not eligible for scholarships, not even to the Catholic schools. Teachers never cut us any slack.

Continue reading ....

As Xformed suggests, "Enjoy the rest, as she slices and dices his callous remarks with facts about those who never were admitted to the high places and mansions, except, of course, to clean the floors and change the sheets."

IMHO, Xformed and Mary Grabar are both on target, and its we who have not been dealt with by kid gloves and provided a plethora of government handouts for past grievances or wrongs that have absolutely nothing to do with today's America (which when put into perspective, brought generations from mud huts to modern conveniences, education, and better health conditions), who should be bitter and angry. Enough is enough, already, its time for Obama and his ilk to get over it (BS) and get on with it (Life).

As for who are the racists, 97% of the Blacks that voted in Penn. voted for Obama. Compare this to all the Whites that voted for Obama (albeit they were the "uppities," the naive, and the sadly misinformed). Think about it. Racism? Who's racism? The answer is, of course, certainly not on the part of the White voters.

White bitterness - yes, racism - no. As for Black's bitterness and racism against Whites, I'll let them judge for themselves.

Posted by Richard at April 26, 2008 12:14 PM

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