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April 10, 2008

Opinion - Some Thoughts On The McCain "Tolerance Campaign Ad"

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On the recent Hyscience post entitled "McCain Tolerance Campaign Ad":

we see an excellent message on the part of Senator McCain - who, by the way, I have many disagreements with. At the least this message from the Senator seems sincere, and accentuates our common goals rather than our ideological, political differences. Every human being - conservative and radical, Democrat and Republican, whether white, mestizo, black, oriental, or green - shares a common "humanity" and that wonderful experience of learning and self-awareness the creator bestowed upon us, in all its facets, we call "life."

What amazes me is that such a wonderful Ad be called "a bit lengthy, but makes for comfortable listening and watching." Isn't it appalling that to the majority of today's Americans, in their self-imposed (never pick up and read a book) "illiteracy" this would seem so, when I, who learned English at age 11, a refugee from Castro's Cuba, have mastered and love the English language as the new "Latin" (which I also speak from my days as a "Monaguillo" - "Altar Boy," and no, I wasn't molested - in the Catholic Church). Shame on you America for not loving and cherishing more that plastic, wonderful, language of Shakespeare which is the "Latin" of today's world! Doesn't it shame you that a foreign born American would have a greater vocabulary and command of your language than your self??? Are we to eventually communicate in America by "grunts"???

Now, having said how I altruistically feel, I am forced by such as Michelle Obama and her thinly veiled hatred of our country, the venomous words of the so called "Reverend" Wright, and of his fellow "Black Reverends," such as Rev. Farrakhan, Rev. Sharpton, Rev.Jackson, and all the other "Black Victimization Welfare Niggerhood Pimp Reverends," who use the pulpit as a political platform and not for the "Good News" and salvation they rather ought to preach, and who, as Rev. Wright has so amply proven, use the pulpit to curse, and "damn"and take the name of the God they pretend to serve in vain (the gods their Marxist, godless, "Black Liberation" serve is rather Ché Guevara, Fidel, Lenin, and Marx!), and preach their message of racial hatred, bigotry, resentment, and violence - to which the true Messiah, Yeshuah, (whom they purport to serve), who said: "Blessed are the Peacemakers, Love your enemies, and Bless them who curse you, who despise and persecute you" and exhorted those in a society comprised of 40% slaves, to as Saint Paul preached: "Slaves be faithful to your masters, masters be good to your slaves (those in your ward - for you will answer to God)" would have not condone nor agree with the "Black philosophy of hatred and retribution" they preach. In that, American blacks are most akin to embittered "Radical Muslims" than to any other Americans of any color.

I have a wonderful Father, who, Praise the Most High, still lives, and though 15 years her senior, still cares for my ailing mother at 85 years old! If anyone wishes to know what kind of father he was and how he affected my life - move over Obama and your communist Kenyan father's "dreams" of black dominance and secularist socialism - please read a post years ago I did for Father's Day on Hyscience:

I challenge Obama to tell me if my father is a lesser man than his, who fought the communism his father so naively idolized, and who experienced on his flesh the inhumane barbarity of Castro's, and El Ché's, "Communist Paradise"! My Father, a white man of European Visigoth ancestry, whose fathers on my paternal grandmother's side once served the "Reyes Catolicos" - The Catholic Monarchs" - Fernando de Aragon, and Isabel de Castilla in cleansing Spain from the Muslim "Moors" of northern Africa from Spain, hence his mother's maiden name: "De Los Reyes," and whose uncle and his sons (my grandmother's grandfather, father, brother, his son, grandson, and great-grandson, to this day) bear the Visigoth name in Spanish of "Walfredo" - "Walfred"; which has been passed down the generations for over 600 years (if they had chosen to follow the usage of "Senior," "Junior," and the Roman numerals, such as the "III", they would be well over the XXVIII th.... and quite pretentious for simple folks who simply fought on the side of the Catholic Monarchs and a nascent Spain and who, by Feudal Law, were entitled to their Liege's name).

The reason I point this out is, because, "racist as I am," I had the blessing of knowing another man, Alberto Garcia, whose mother was German and whose father was a black Cuban, whom I would have been proud to call "Father."

This was a humble man, who would have vehemently disagreed with Rev. Wright and all his American, so called "Reverends," "Black Victimization Welfare Pimp ilk," because of his own values! This was a man who not only spoke the German of his mother he learned from her bosom, but spoke correct "Castillian Spanish," Latin, Greek, English, French, and Italian; was a "Literati"; though not "ordained" was somewhat of a Catholic Theologian, loved and adored his white wife (my wife's aunt) and his daughter fiercely - above all others, and never betrayed them, and who in spite of his considerable wealth lived a simple unpretentious life in many aspects more humble than ours, paid for his daughter's and his son-in-law's remarkable college education with the sweat of his brow (unlike Michelle Obama's "we'll give you a Princeton - Harvard scholarship because you are an uncouth resented negress"), with whom I sat for many wonderful hours of learning, and whom I am extremely proud to call "friend"! My God, how much of a "racist" I am, that I be proud, in spite of the exceptional Father I know, to call this "black man" Father!!!

To quote comedian Chris Rock at one of his HBO monologues: "There are black folks, and then there are niggers." How right he is! In spite of all our perceived differences, as the McCain Ad so appropriately points out, there are such people, who routinely get called "Oreos," and "House niggers," and all sorts of vile invectives by "niggers", such as Thomas Sowell (another "Nappy-haired" guy I would have been proud to call "Father" in spite of my "racism"), Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin L. Powell (I do not agree with him politically, but he would be a far better president, and has more experience than Obama), former Maryland Lt. Governor Michael S. Steele - a gentleman, Stanford Professor, musicologist, and lovely Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice (my Visigoth genes are not "inbred," but I still like this woman - my wife of 36 years is pinching me), comedian Bill Cosby - the most decent human being I have ever met in any color, et al.

The above are black human beings, who as Alberto Garcia, are an asset and a blessing to any community of any color. Then we have Marxist Obama, his embittered
"Ché" wife Michelle, "God Damn America and the rest of us" Reverends Wright, Sharpton, Jackson, and all the rest of the Welfare Pimps of Eternal Black Victimization and "Projects Niggerhood," who, in the words of that very likable and talented black comedian, Chris Rock (being black himself, he hit the nail on the head as no one else could), are "niggers," versus the respectable, knowledgeable, and talented black people - and millions more like them - I mention above.

The left, which wishes to destroy America, and thrives on "class consciousness," "class warfare," and "racial tensions," and "divisiveness" to wedge their godless, secularist, communist agenda (such an unspeakable nightmare as my Father, my family, and I, experienced in Cuba in Castro's "Communist Paradise"). Regardless of false accusations of racism, and the outcome of the elections - even if this nigger Obama (see Chris Rock's so appropriate above description) wins the elections and America goes down the drain, I will always cherish the admiration I have, love, and friendship of Alberto Garcia. Unlike Obama's hateful racial hate-mongering Rev. Wright, he was truly a teacher and a Mentor, and, again, I would have, whatever the color of his skin, been proud to call this extraordinary man, and human being, "Father"... even as Jesus called his own.

Father, I love you with all my heart and all my might - only God I love better. Alberto Garcia, my teacher and Mentor, likewise, I would have been proud to call you "Abba" no matter your ancestry or the color of your skin!

Althor, the "Racist."

Posted by Althor at April 10, 2008 12:35 PM

Very good post, Althor, and as John McCain would say, "My friend" your are no racist. You, as do I, come from the "old school" of real life and hard knocks, of loving your fellow man, regardless of his color or ethnic background - rather on the make of the man himself.

Unquestionably, except to up-tight, liberal progressives, it is the Obamas of the world and their friends who are the racists. It is they who work harder at looking for a race card to play than looking to the man himself and use the common sense God tried hard to give most of us but somehow failed to instill on the left.

How interesting that some recent polls show that 90% of Blacks plan to vote for Obama. Last time I checked, 90% of Whites are not planning on voting for Hillary (in the Dems' primary). Pardon my deviation from political correctness here, but isn't that a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

Posted by: Richard at April 10, 2008 1:10 PM

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