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April 3, 2008

Opinion - Rev. Wright Honored At Catholic Church In Chicago - Is This Obama's Vision For America?

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(Sub title: Obama and his pastor endorsed and supported by a White lunatic, far-left, Marxist, Catholic priest who wears dashikis instead of legitimate Roman Catholic vestments, preaches in Afro-American jive talk, dances around the altar like a made-for TV evangelist, ridicules pro-lifers, supposedly threatened to "snuff" out a gun dealer and Legislator's who supported gun rights, and snuggles up to every pro-abortion, socialist, far-left politician and activist he can get to come visit his church.)
That the church Obama has attended for twenty years, and its so called "Reverend," Jeremiah Wright, who married Obama, baptized his children, whom Obama proudly proclaims his "friend and mentor,"and even made him the, quote: "Spiritual Advisor" (oh, please excuse me while I puke) to his campaign, would have honored another so called "Reverend," the infamous Louis Farrakhan, for a "Lifetime Achievement" of anti-white bigotry, racist hate-mongering, rabid anti-Americanism, blatant anti-Semitism, and being a shameless inciter of racial violence and strife, is highly reprehensible!

Then, the vile Marxist, anti-American, socialist, black resentment "Liberation Theology" of hate Rev. Wright has been preaching, and to which Obama and his wife have been listening to, and "assimilating" - for those twenty years in the pews (no wonder the Hugo Chávez-like rhetoric and demeanor of Michelle Obama) became known, and, to put the icing on the cake, Rev. Wright's hateful, blasphemous, and sacrilegious utterances of "God Damn America" (to the wild cheer and applause of those in the crowd. Shouldn't that tell us something?) and other venomous comments have surfaced.

I would appropriately call Rev. Wright's impassioned "god-damning" of America in such a setting the "Audacity of Blasphemy" for so brazenly, vehemently, and repeatedly violating the Second Commandment and taking the Lord's name in vain as shown in the video,
in, of all places - "Church," in what is supposed to be the "Lord's Temple," and while presumably in the performance of the "Lord's Service," and contrast it to Obama's fallacious "Audacity of Hope." Is this the "Hope" Obama has for America??? Seems to me Rev. Wright's church serves more Satan, and that its "god" is rather Ché Guevara!

I am sure that Jesus, who lived in a society in which 40% of the population were slaves yet never called for "Liberation" but rather exhorted slaves to be "faithful to their masters" and masters to be "good to their slaves," and who urged his followers to "love your enemies and bless them who curse you," upon hearing what the good Reverend preaches in His name, would have been appalled, silently gotten up, and walked away from Trinity Church. Obama didn't.

Of course the left, which thrives on racial tensions and racial strife, and on "class consciousness" and "class warfare" to wedge-in its godless, secularist, communist agenda, simply shrugged-off the Reverend's inflammatory teachings and despicable comments with a smirk, and cynically asked, as did Bill Maher to Chris Matthews on MSNBC, "Oh, but you didn't know this ["Liberation Theology" of hate" and "God Damn America" postures] goes on every Sunday in most black churches in America?" Again, that should "tell us something," and be a warning-call to the rest of us. But more on that later.

So, if the hateful "Liberation Theology" Rev. Wright espouses (and by inference Obama, and his wife Michelle - who on several slips has let her true beliefs and feelings be known, such as when she stated she had never before being proud of her country), god-damning America, and honoring such a racist, hate-mongering, anti-Semite, bigot as Louis Farrakhan is highly reprehensible; then how much more reprehensible is it that on Friday, March 28, 2008, well after the controversial and highly condemnable actions and remarks of Rev. Wright have been all over the news and the Internet for weeks (in this case Father Michael Pfleger cannot feign ignorance about Rev. Wright... as Obama has) a Catholic priest and his parishioners, at St Sabina Catholic Church in the South Side of Chicago, not only welcomed and honored Rev. Wright to wild cheers and deafening applause of the crowd, but even had Rev Wright - who should not only be anathema to Catholics for his "Liberation Theology" of violence and revolution, his racial hate-mongering,, but because he is a "heretic," not to mention for his god-damning of America - "bless" the congregation! Makes one wonder if Rev. Wright was blessing the ecstatic, applauding, crowd for, apparently, sharing in his rabid views and in damning America! To put it mildly, according to CBS2 newscaster Diann Burns who was present, the crowd at St. Sabina parish, though surprised by Wright's appearance, was, quote: "quick to show their support."

The good (sic) Catholic priest who committed this travesty, Father Michael Pfleger (an open supporter of Louis Farrakhan and a pastor at the predominantly African-American St. Sabrina Church on Chicago's South Side - and even speaks "jive" talk from the pulpit), is quoted on the Catholic News Agency (CNA) as saying to Rev. Wright, "We love you. We praise God for you." (Noteworthy is that Pleger's parish website shows a Black Jesus)

CNA reports that in later interviews with the press, Father Pfleger defended Wright from criticism. According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Father Pfleger has called recent criticism of Wright "shameful" stating that:

"I'm concerned by issues of poverty and issues of justice and equal access and opportunity especially when dealing with children and education and healthcare. Also, the war in Iraq is non-negotiable: end it! The faith community has to be a prophetic voice to bring us to where we ought to be as a country. Its voice should call every individual to be their best and not assimilate into anything less. Obama is calling back those who have given up and lost hope in the political system both young and old in the belief that we can fix it. He has the intellect for the job and I haven't heard anyone since Robert F. Kennedy who is causing such an emotional and spiritual awakening to the political possibilities."

"I wanted him to come here so he could see that people really stand with him and support him while he's under all this attack," Father Pfleger said on Saturday, the Sun-Times reports. "America, unfortunately, has been really cheated of knowing the real Dr. Wright."

It would do well to ask Father Pfleger, if he so idolizes and reveres "god-damning-America" Rev. Wright because he's so "concerned for the poor and underprivileged" why doesn't he ask the good Reverend, to do as Jesus admonished his followers, sell all his possessions, give it to the poor, and go live in the slums, instead of living, as he does, in a multi-million dollar home and driving an expensive luxury car, while fueling and conversely preying upon the racial hatreds and resentments of the poor blacks that he "fleeces" with the collection plate every Sunday to pay for the creature comforts of his "Lifestyles of Perennial Black Victimization Welfare Pimps and Famous" (just as his fellows, so called, "Reverends" Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, et al)!

What is truly shameful is that Father Pfleger would honor such a divisive, bigoted, anti-American traitor, panderer of endless black resentment victimization, and of socialist "Welfare Pimp" niggerhood, as Rev. Wright, and that he and his parishioners at St. Sabina would alarmingly share in such abiding hatred and resentment of America! I would urge The Holy See to look into the impropriety of Father Pfleger's actions and statements, which, I venture, are, for the most part, contrary to the teachings of the church and the positions of Pope Benedict XVI, to see if indeed they do not warrant disciplinary action. Personally, and harsh as it may seem, I would excommunicate him - let him convert to heresy and go preach his ideology of garbage at Trinity Church, alongside Rev Wright and Obama!

But, the alarming reality all this brings to focus is: Is this what "Civil Rights," "Affirmative Action," "The Browning of America," and "Open Borders" have come to amount??? That we have a sizeable number of Americans, both born here and naturalized, who have "no love lost" for America, or even worse, hate America and would rejoice in its obliteration and destruction as we know it? People whose ideology and allegiances are with other than America? What is this "Fifth Column" that we have allowed to emigrate and be grafted to our nation, and or grows like an advancing tumor amongst us? How unnerving is it to ponder if this is what Obama really stands for? And when are we going to open our eyes before it is too late?

How lethally far are we, in our naivete, banality, and effeminateness, going to allow "White Guilt," secular socialist indoctrination, "political correctness," "Affirmative Action," and "Open Borders" take America to the edge of its own demise and perdition? America is truly in demise, and unless we open our eyes to the threat looming over our future, will cease at some point to exist as we know it.

In the end, it will not be a foreign power invading our shores that will undo us, but those who, like Rev Wright, Father Pfleger, those elated parishioners cheering the "damning of America" at St. Sabina and at all those other "Black Churches;" those amongst us that even though enjoying the freedom, opportunities, and prosperity America offers them, and that keep pouring like swarms of cockroaches over our southern border, yet resent and hate America and would do her ill, and who in their innermost heart mull the same "God damn America" Rev. Wright brazenly, emphatically, and shamelessly proclaims!

Is this the "New Hope" Barack Hussein Obama, and his embittered and resented negress wife, Michelle - who more resembles in her ill-concealed contempt for America, and in her mannerisms and demeanor, petty tin-pot dictator Hugo Chávez (just as resented, ugly, and uncouth...only wearing a wig) than, the supposedly gracious "First Lady" she wishes to hoodwink Americans into electing - wish to bring to America? Is "God Damn America" their "patriotism"???

Unfortunately, as the polls show, Americans are mesmerized by the false facade of this most unelectable of candidates to be president of the United States. It is appalling, and alarming, to see how Obama, with the ever-present help of the obsequious media, groveling over his candidacy, fawning all over him, and lapping at his heels, rooting shamelessly for him to win, and all but already proclaiming him the winner of the presidential elections, regardless of what lever the voters will pull in the voting booth in November (why bother to hold the elections. Just give him the crown) - all because he is half-black (and God forbid Geraldine Ferraro would have the audacity to assert it because then she is a "racist") yet amazingly is, as President Bush lauded him: "articulate," able to speak English properly and not in "Ebonics," and is a good orator - has been turned into a demi-god, a "Black Messiah" and a cult figure!

At Obama rallies all across the nation, inbred white female supporters experience multiple orgasms just at hearing Obama speak, fainting at his sight, swooning in ecstasy at his passing, holding hands together as in prayer, seeking to touch his swarthy Messianic body as if to heal all their ills (at least their "Jungle Fever"?), all in a nauseating frenzy of "Obamansim" (it is being discussed in theological circles whether to categorize Obamanism as another "religion"). Just check the website "Is Obama the Messiah" and see the absurd "Messianic" imagery with which this scion of Rev Wright is portrayed!

It may seem inevitable that the "lemmings" may go to the voting booth in November, and as mindless Star Trek "Borgs" with a directive, pull the lever for Obama while chanting in a monotone: "...all resistance is futile", but as for me, I say: You know, Michelle Obama, you, your husband, your "Pastor," and your "Liberation Theology" Church of racial hatred and perennial black victimization and resentment, are the ones which are nothing to be proud of!

America, for all its flaws and shortcomings, is the greatest nation the world has known.The land that has given you, Michelle, an enviable education, and even someone as ill-fitted for the post as your husband a shot at the greatest Office in the land. The land which shores has offered refuge, hope, and opportunity to so many throughout the world, who would rather than damning America bless the chance to come live within its blessed borders and enjoy the freedom those like you despise, the opportunities those like you disdain, and the privileges those like you take for granted!

No, Rev. "Wright" (so wrong), It's not "God Damn America". It's God Bless America, and God Damn you and Obama!


UPDATE 2: Here's the whole ridiculous screech. It's hard to believe that this guy is a Catholic priest.

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Posted by Althor at April 3, 2008 10:44 AM

Damned good post. You've said what many of us have been thinking - and feeling.

Well put, your sincerity and frustrations are clearly seen.

Posted by: Richard at April 3, 2008 12:45 PM

After watching the video in your update (extended post, there's no way this guy Phleger isn't either on some kind of drug or just a really sick man. He acts like he actually believes he's a Black minister preaching Black liberation theology.

There's no other way to read it.

Posted by: Abdul at April 3, 2008 9:48 PM


Obama 08

Posted by: Maxine Samuels at April 3, 2008 11:09 PM

Please leave your house or read a book before trying to comment on something you know nothing about. I am not going to waste my time on you, i'm going to leave it at that.

Posted by: RhondaCoca at April 4, 2008 6:56 PM

Quote: "It's hard to believe that this guy is a Catholic priest."


It's bad enough that some Catholic priests are "pedophiles" who get sexual gratification from molesting young children, to now have a Catholic priest who is a "niggerphile" and gets sexual gratification from molesting black people from the pulpit!

Maybe it's time to convert to Judaism!

Posted by: Vincent at April 5, 2008 11:03 AM


Many people of good faith have spoken in defense of Jeremiah Wright.

1)Already on March 19, Obama's former pastor was defended by Mike Huckabee, an arch-conservative Republican opponent who also said the controversy will not be a problem for Obama in November. Notably Mike Huckabee is on the short list for McCain's VP. Do see it on You Tube (huckabee wright).
2)On the same day, the Foundry United Methodist Church in Washington, posted a Statement in defense of Rev. Wright on their web site (still there today). President Clinton and First Lady attended this Church during their years in the White House. See the address below in 3.
3)Senior Pastor of the Foundry, Dean Snyder, gives a beautiful Easter sermon where he condemns the media for their vicious clippings of Rev. Wright's sermons and appeals for racial reconciliation. March 23, see
4)Senator Clinton is still a member of the First United Methodist Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, and remains in touch with its former pastor Rev. Edward Matthews. In a recent 35 minutes phone interview with the New York Sun the pastor admits that he himself holds some very controversial political views, not unlike those of Rev. Wright, yet Senator Clinton remains a member.
5)"Diverse Group of Prominent Religious Leaders Condemn Personal Attacks" in a letter to Senator Clinton. These leaders represent many faiths. You may google it by the title.
6)Fred R. Krauss of Rockford, Illinois, writes a remarkable letter to his local newspaper in which he objects to another letter of March 28 titled â€Ã...“Beware of Obama”. He is a retired pastor in the United Church of Christ who has served churches in Chicago, southern Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. See www.rrstar.
7)Rev. Lavanhar defends the theological and prophetic implications of Rev. Wright's preaching in his sermon â€Ã...“Why Jeremiah is Wright” on April 6, 2008 in the context of the experiences of the Hebrew prophets, African American patriots like Nat Turner, Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King, Jr. and the historic black church. This sermon is thought-provoking, controversial and inspirational. Rev. Marlin Lavanhar is the Senior Minister of Tulsa's All Souls Unitarian Church, a mostly white cngregation.
8)Check the website of your church. Perhaps they defend Rev. Wright as well. Or talk to you pastor or rabbi. After all the controversy concerns the freedom of speech and the freedom of following one's religion, however ethnic it were.

Posted by: westerner22 at April 9, 2008 8:31 PM

Westerner22, you are in serious need of a rather large dose of common sense. Try real hard to think for yourself - even if only for a moment.

These people are not mainstream, although they indeed may be mainstreaming - "something."

And puh-leaseeeee, lay off the Kool-Aid.

Posted by: Richard at April 9, 2008 11:14 PM

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