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April 17, 2008

Obama Reports Income Of $4.2 million In 2007 Tax Returns

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Sen. Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, made $4.2 million last year, most of which came from sales of BO's two books. Their salaried income was $260,735, which included his $157,102 salary as a U.S. senator and hers of $103,633 as vice president of community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center - which is yet another topic of conversation - just as controversial as many other matters and relationships associated with the Obamas.

As The American Pundit suggests, let's flashback to February, where we found Michelle Obama claiming the following:

I have to say that my life now is not really that much different from many of yours. I wake up every morning wondering how on earth I am going to pull off that next minor miracle to get through the day. I know that everybody in this room is going through this. That is the dilemma women face today. Every woman that I know, regardless of race, education, income, background, political affiliation, is struggling to keep her head above water.
Hmmmm.... Michelle's just like us?

As if 'our' spouses hawked a couple of fictional novels (as in being fraught with lies) put out as the story of our life - a life not as it has been with all the associations with far left radicals and Marxists, rather, as we want others to view it, and had suckered $4 million a year out of gullible fools who were considering our spouse as the next president of the United States of America.

And do we really believe that "every woman" Michelle Obama knows, "regardless of race, education, income, background, political affiliation," is "struggling to keep her head above water"? These Obamas, you gotta appreciate their talent - they really know how to stretchhhhhhhh.... the truth.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at April 17, 2008 11:10 AM

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