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April 3, 2008

NATO Endorsing Missle Defense System Obama And Fellow Dems Called 'Unproven'

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Looks like our European friends are a lot more concerned about defense than Obama and many of his fellow Dems, as it now appears that "NATO will endorse the missile-defense system that Democrats, including Barack Obama, have denigrated since its first proposal in the Reagan administration."

Although we've all seen this video before, take another look for the umpteenth time. In it, Obama called missile defense systems "unproven" and promised to cut them along with a plethora of other military reductions he offered in a speech two months ago:

As Michelle Malkin notes:

... Missile defense turns out to be a lot less controversial in Europe than here in the US. NATO will endorse the missile-defense system that Democrats, including Barack Obama, have denigrated since its first proposal in the Reagan administration. Its adoption by NATO bolsters George Bush's position in Europe against Vladimir Putin, who has tried to split the Western coalition by extortion and negotiation...

... Now that NATO intends to rely on our missile-defense system, will Obama change his tune on the supposedly "unproven" system? Will he tell NATO to pound sand? Will he tell the combined heads of Western military organizations that his judgment supercedes theirs?

As Michelle goes on to point out, this demonstrates just how naive and inept Obama and so many of the Democrats are on military matters.

And as Jim Quinn argued point by point on the Quinn & Rose radio show broadcast 2-28-2008 on XM satellite radio originating from WPGB in Pittsburgh, PA, Obama's childlike assertions on national defense including abandoning the anti-missile defense system would leave the U.S. very vulnerable to any foe. "He's either the Manchurian Candidate or just a naive fool !"

You really need to hear all of the audio here.

There is something about Barack Hussein Obama that I find untrustworthy. Indeed, he does remind me of the Manchurian Candidate, well groomed with a nice presence and slick talk, all suit but no substance. He came out of nowhere with a background steeped in Marxism and the leftist politics of the southside of Chicago, and sadly, at least so far, there's a lot of Americans falling for his charade - and being brainwashed just like the Manchurian candidate. But while Obama has been brainwashed by the leftists and communists he admires and who served as his mentor(s), the American people are being brainwashed - voluntarily, by Barack Obama.

Posted by Richard at April 3, 2008 10:00 AM

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