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April 30, 2008

Muslim Woman Suing Over Niqab is Lying To Federal Judge

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ginnahmuhammadfaceexposed.jpgMost definitely, Ginnah Muhammad, the woman suing in federal court for the "right" to wear a full-ninja face covering (a "niqab"), and her terrorist lawyer Nabih Ayad (family is in Hezbollah and who openly supports the group), should both spend a few days in jail for contempt.

Not only should she have no "right" to cover her ugly face in a courtroom (the rest of us don't and Islamists don't get special treatment in America - only in Islamic countries), she's lying (see image). Read: Accommodation as an Islamist Political Instrument, by Zuhdi Jasser.

Via Debbie Schlussel:

As I wrote earlier today, yesterday the pair told U.S. District Judge John Feikens that Muhammad has worn the full face veil since she was ten years old and that she only removes it while in the sole company of women. Muhammad is fighting Hamtramck, Michigan Judge Paul Paruk's wise decision only to allow her to testify with her face uncovered.

The Judge vs. The Niqab: How Will Fed Judge Rule on Ginnah Muhammad? UPDATE: Muslim Woman Who Says She Must Wear Niqab Exposed Face to Public

Veil can come off, Muslim shows

Also: Remember the NSA lawsuit? Nabih Ayad was involved in that case as well.

Posted by Abdul at April 30, 2008 2:45 PM

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