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April 16, 2008

McCain The Winner Of Tonight's Dem Debate

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.... that was my initial impression, but after reading what Ed Morrissey had to say about it, I'm all the more convinced. IMHO, the cat's finally out of the bag on the Ayers thing, and Obama's gaffes exposed him for the empty suit that he is.

Even worse, the supposed great unifier has revealed how he sees America. As Pat Buchanan frames it, Obama sees it as "us vs. them," the liberal elites vs. the folks in the small towns and rural areas of that other America.

Now, finally, perhaps we can move on in this race and dispense with one being accused of being a racist just because one disagrees with Obama - who, as the guy who supposedly was so big on the post-racial thingy, has turned out to be anything but. And contrary to what Obama and many like-thinking Democrats believe, not everything about racism is racist.

In Darkest Pennsylvania:

Barack has stumbled into the eternal failing of the left-wing populist. He cannot concede that the anger of white America -- that its right to equal justice has been sacrificed to salve the consciences of guilt-besotted liberals -- is a legitimate anger. The truth that Barack dare not speak is that reverse discrimination is pandemic and that the folks in Middle Pennsylvania have a valid grievance that ought to be addressed.

The American Thinker
- "Obama: Silence in the face of evil":
Barack Obama, the eloquent speaker who mesmerizes the media, the man whose orations make women swoon, the candidate who promises to embrace dictators and terrorists in conversation, falls strangely silent when his words are needed to stand up against evil, intolerance or injustice. In a dangerous world with evil regimes aspiring to destroy the United States and the values we represent, the silence of an American President would be an
unthinkable disaster.
Other coverage: Stop The ACLU - "Frank Luntz Focus Group: Hillary Wins Debate...or Was It McCain Who Won?"

Posted by Richard at April 16, 2008 11:39 PM

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