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April 21, 2008

Little Bush-hater

Topics: Culture and Society

(Very big on Memeorandum over the weekend) A child threatens to kill President Bush in a very strange and very disturbing video that has been now been taken down from youtube. According to Word Star Hip-Hop, where it is now posted, it was originally made up of three separate videos at YouTube. Here's what they didn't want you to see (Warning - very vulgar language):

The "Little Bush Hater" video comments:

1. "One of your Presidents will die, I'm not bulls****ing right now."
2. "I'm going to kill him."
3. "When you hear George W Bush is dead, I did it."
4. "That mother F****er, he doesn't deserve to breathe."
5. "He gonna die."
6. "There gonna be snipers, killers and bounty hunters coming for you, and I'm not kidding."
7. "And I'll probably kill his family as I try to kill the head."
8. "I'm a little kid who's F****ing psycho."
9. "Believe this, you will die."
10. "This April or May, you will die."
11. "If I miss, one of your family will be dead."
12. "Guess who's gonna die on CNN."
13. "I'm gonna hunt you down, I promise you, I'm gonna get you bastard, you gonna die."

Not only does the kid exhibit a severe need for a proper education and whole lot of intense psychological therapy, he sounds like he's been sitting in the pews of Jeremiah Wright. This is child abuse, for sure, but not just by the parents and/or whoever put this kid up to this. The African American-derived Hip Hop/gangsta-rap culture is just as guilty.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at April 21, 2008 9:58 AM

I imagine such a child - being brainwashed like this at such an early age - is yet expected to grow up to be an "assimilated,"," "self-respecting," "productive," and "Patriotic" member of our society by our Affirmative Action-pushing, politically correct, secularist establishment, right?!?! Hell, this kid has potential. He's so passionate and "articulate" he may well become the next Obama!

For one thing he surely seems to have attended Kindergarten at Trinity Church, and been - along with Barack Hussein - one of Rev. Wright's most precocious students... or to have sat in the pews at Trinity, if not for twenty years like Obama, at least for all of his young life. Bright kid! He sure seems to have gotten Rev Wright's message alright - guess Obama, who claims not to remember such things being taught at Trinity, is simply more obtuse.

At any rate I expect most in the black community, Code Pink, as well as a majority of Obama supporters, will approve of this child's

By the way, isn't the Secret Service supposed to look into such things? Oh, I forgot, they are too busy protecting "Obama the President"....err, I mean the candidate, from "embittered [white folks] from little towns all over Middle-America who cling to guns and religion"!

Go figure!


Posted by: Althor at April 21, 2008 3:12 PM

I find much agreement with what Althor writes, but I disagree on the "articulation" and "brightness" matter. Surely, Althor is jesting, since this kid's thinking and speaking could easily be the best example I've seen of "that particular" cultures' failure to assimilate into mainstream society and benefit from the billions of wasted dollars spent on trying to educate the uneducatable.

I'd say much more, but I'm certain that the editors of Hyscience would find it far too politically incorrect.

Posted by: Mike in Iraq at April 21, 2008 6:56 PM

I can't help but believe Althor's right about the Secret Service investigating the poster of this kid's video. Any threat against the president of the United States needs to be investigated, especially one from such a radical nutcase as this kid and his mentor(s)...

Posted by: Richard at April 21, 2008 10:01 PM

Of course I was being sarcastic, Mike.

I was making a pun of Obama's "articulateness" by contrasting it with the outrageous way this brainwashed child has been taught to hate and express himself; both he and Obama, the products of the same culture of "Black Power, Anti-American, 'Hate Whitey'-bigoted, Eternal Resentment Black Victimization, Perpetual
Welfare-Pimp Niggerhood socialism" that has created them both; which, as you so aptly point out, has failed to assimilate into America.

You also make a great point of all the money wasted on educating such as Michelle Obama, who in spite of her privileged "Princeton" and "Harvard" education (denied to many young white kids - even those who can afford it - by "Racial Quotas" and Affirmative Action) still remains a resented negress with a racial chip on her shoulders, and who in her ill concealed contempt and hate for America, her mannerisms, and her rhetoric (as I have often pointed out in the past), resembles more tin-pot dictator Hugo Chavez, than the "Gracious" First Lady she would con America to elect...just as Marxist, anti-American, ugly, and uncouth, as Chavez, but only wearing a wig.

However, you must admit that the kid can be said to be articulate in a way - at least insofar as he does "articulate" the message of anti-Americanism, racial bigotry, hatred, and violence, of Rev Wright, Louis Farrakhan and their ilk, pretty well...though not in the fancy oratory of "Wormtongue" Obama, but the "Ebonics," profanity, and slang that are a hallmark of the culture they both share.

What is really pitiful, and frightening, is that America refuses to open it's eyes and see that the ominous, vile, forces that have molded the boy in the video, are the same underlying ones that also have molded Obama (such as the philosophy and up-bringing of his Muslim Communist Kenyan father and of his radical Atheist mother, his association with Rev. Wright and Trinity Church, with unrepentant "Weathermen" terrorists such as Ayers and his wife, and other such dubious characters, has amply shown), and which is what truly makes him tick inside his "Empty Suit"!

And to think we may put the fate of our nation in his hands!!!


Posted by: Althor at April 21, 2008 10:33 PM

Althor, your points are well taken, and yes, I did realize that you were jesting. I just wanted to trigger a bit of clarification.

And by the way, you're especially right about the "dark forces," etc.

Posted by: Mike in Iraq at April 21, 2008 10:44 PM

well, after watching the video i have to say that what it really reminded me of was a "lady" that i saw on some news show awhile ago...after the "rev." wright story broke.
this african american woman was sneering at the interviewer and made this chilling statement about the "culture" of black churches in regards to non african americans being shocked and surprised at what was really going on in those hate, i mean churches....she said "it's just new TO YOU" with a nasty laugh.
wow....good to know.
it made me wonder what else we didn't know and what was being obviously concealed deliberately.
i guess, with this video, the other shoe just dropped.......

Posted by: christmasghost at April 22, 2008 6:45 PM

"Ghost" is right. What we don't know about what really goes on in some Black churches and the "culture" of Black churches/hate communities, and indeed, this video just opened a window into it.

Yes, the other shoe has just dropped and perhaps someone or a whole lot of "someones" ought to be looking into it and shedding more "light" into the situation.

Posted by: Richard at April 23, 2008 5:21 AM

Translation of Althor's posts:

Democrats bad. Republicans good.
I loves me some Rush. Hurray for operation Chaos. Yeeee hawwww.

Posted by: Truth at April 24, 2008 2:51 PM

I can't help but wonder how long it took "Truth" to think up that post. Nothing personal, but it doesn't appear that much thought or time went in to it.

Posted by: Mike in Iraq at April 24, 2008 3:09 PM

Quote: "Democrats bad. Republicans good.
I loves me some Rush. Hurray for operation Chaos. Yeeee hawwww."

Yes Truth. Ironically there is some "truth" in your spoof: "Democrats bad, Republicans good."

When my father had to haul up 55 gallons of water every day in Cuba, up to our second story apartment (neighbors to blacks, mulattoes, and people of every color) - which before Fidel, the "Revolution," and the collapse of the Cuban infrastructure had plenty of running water with good pressure - after having worked all night, because otherwise there would not have been any water for us at all , to drink, cook, wash our hands, clean our pots, bathe, and wash our "arses" (old English) on account of Fidel, and the Che - that Obama , Michael Moore, Chavez and their ilk so adore, and the commie Democrats in Congress wish to emulate here in America, he wasn't thinking in terms oof"Democrat" or
"Republicans" but of SURVIVAL of his wife and!

And let me remind you that your "DEIFIED" John F. Kennedy sent the Cuban Patriots into the Bay of Pigs to later betray them...with the American air support that never came! It seems that death "lionizes" otherwise despicable people. Look at Martin Luther King Jr. Had he lived he would most likely be another washed-up "Eternal Black Victimhood Niggerhood Welfare Pimp" like his fellows from the Civil Liberties Movement Reverends (the word makes me cringe)Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Wright, et al!

So tell me another Fairy Tale! I'll tell you about ther day that the Che, so many of you wear proudly on your T-shirts, shot some innocent men in Habana,in the Plaza Del Monte, because he suspected them of being "anti-Revolutionary" (Republicans???), without any trial, lawyers, or the "legal niceties" and "comforts" your "Democrats" would afford suicide Islamic Radicals, hell-bent in destroying us and killing us, and as a child of six I saw the bodies of the Che's victims of PAREDON being picked up from the Plaza... as their blood run into the gutter.

Pray tell me about your "Communist Dreams"!!!


Posted by: Althor at April 25, 2008 1:02 AM

In terms of value:

Comments by "Truth" - 5 cents (or less - credit given for effort).

Comments by Althor - Priceless!

Posted by: Richard at April 25, 2008 7:17 AM

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