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April 8, 2008

Lieberman: Dems Hear No Progress, See No Progress, Speak No Progress

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Apparently, Joe Lieberman - a Democrat - has his colleagues pegged perfectly ....


Via Michael Goldfarb at The Weekly Standard:

Senator Lieberman began his questioning of Petraeus with this:
Thanks, Mr. Chairman. General, Ambassador, thank you for your extraordinary service in the cause of freedom in Iraq. I must say that as I listen to your testimony, which is encouraging and yet quite realistic, and in my opinion, not overstated. You've told us that the strategy associated with the surge is working, progress has been made, but it's entirely reversible. You've been very frank about some of the problems that we still face.

What I'm about to say - with respect to my colleagues who have consistently opposed our presence in Iraq - as I hear the questions and the statements today, it seems to me that there's a kind of hear no progress in Iraq, see no progress in Iraq, and most of all, speak of no progress in Iraq.

And thus a Democrat perfectly articulates his own party's disposition at today's hearings.
My sentiments, exactly. Clearly, the Democrats have decided to remain deaf, dumb, and blind to what's really going on in Iraq and the importance of Iraq in the war against radical Islam, and for that matter, even the threat of radical Islam.

Posted by Abdul at April 8, 2008 5:10 PM

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