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April 11, 2008

Kaus Accomplishes Scalding Takedown Of NYT On Basra - With Humor

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Mickey Kaus' piece at Slate today titled The NYT Bombs in Basra has taken full advantage of the New York Times' ability to shoot itself in the proverbial foot with its heavy left-wing bias and inaccurate, liberal-slanted, reporting. Importantly, Klaus does the takedown on the NYT with a mischievous touch of humor that makes for a fun and informative reading about what has become a media giant in decline and the target of well-deserved jokes about it's slanted, anti-military/anti-Iraq/anti-american reporting. "The NYT Bombs in Basra" puts the NYT's reporting in a proper perspective - the dribble of a clown, a joke, a media source that can't be trusted to report the truth:

"Iraqi Offensive Against Militia is Raising Concerns on Stability"--Headline on April 8 NYT story. Uh oh. And it's a front-page story--sounds like the whole Maliki government might collapse. But we shouldn't hide our heads! Let's confront the bad news unearthed in "interviews with dozens of Iraqi politicians, government leaders, analysts and ordinary citizens" by the nine (9) Times reporters who contributed. Here's the story:

A crackdown on the Mahdi Army militia is creating potentially destabilizing political and military tensions in Iraq, pitting a stronger government alliance against the force that has won past showdowns ...

"Potentially destabilizing." Hmm. That's a bit weaker, no? A lot of things are "potentially destabilizing," like having sectarian militias in control of your major port city! And what's this about "stronger government alliance." It's stronger, and as a result there are increased "concerns" about its "stability"? Perverse and dialectical!

Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki's military operations against the Mahdi Army that Mr. Sadr leads have at least temporarily pacified Sunni political leaders ...
So the Sunni political leaders are pissed off! Oh wait, no, they're pacified. This doesn't sound so unstable, yet. Ah, but it's only "at least temporarily." Maybe the long run is where the "concerns on stability" are raising. That must be it!
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Posted by Richard at April 11, 2008 12:00 PM

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