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April 10, 2008

Jimmy Carter - Friend To Enemies Of Western Civilization - To Meet With Hamas leader in Damascus

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As Tom Gross notes at NRO and as reported in Al-Hayat, in what would be the highest-level meeting ever granted to the Islamic terror group that the free world is trying to isolate, former President Jimmy Carter is planning to meet the head of Hamas later this month in Syria. And just in case any of us have forgotten just who Jimmy Carter is, Gross reminds us that:

Carter is the disastrous former American president whose misguided policies in the Middle East, specifically his abandonment of the shah of Iran, led to the Iranian Islamic revolution in 1979, predictably sparking off worldwide Iranian-backed Shia terrorism and in response, rival Saudi-backed Sunni terrorism, the results of which are continuing to be felt around the world today.
And just in case anyone needs reminding what a terrible threat Hamas is to Israel and Hamas' relationship with America's enemies, a new intelligence estimate puts its armed fighting force in the Gaza strip now at about 20,000 soldiers:
including many who trained in Syria and Iran. It's a hell of a lot of guns for a piece of land roughly the size of Brooklyn and Queens combined, with a much smaller population. Every day Hamas looks less like a "terrorist group" and more like a terror army.
With former presidents like Jimmy Carter who work hard to give credibility to terrorists and do everything possible to help America's enemies and harm Western civilization, terrorists of the world can save their money on propaganda - from the likes of Jimmy Carter it comes for free.

Can you possibly imagine how a Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton will be like?

Scary thought.

Posted by Abdul at April 10, 2008 9:55 AM

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