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April 18, 2008

Jimmy Carter - America Traitor (Video)

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To say that former presidents don't get more embarrassing than Jimmy Carter, a man so annoying the Israeli Secret Service won't even protect him during his visit to their country, is to put it mildly. Carter is an American disgrace and an embracer of America's enemies.

..... and lest we forget, here's but a few of the reasons that Jimmy Carter is most aptly referred to as the worst president in American history.

At a glance:

Jimmy remains quite full of himself. In fact, his sense of moral superiority has grown as the memory of his failed presidency recedes into history. Rather than retire to a library to read, as President Truman did, in the hope that he might understand what went wrong during the Carter administration, Mr. Carter founded the Carter Center for Waging Peace, Fighting Disease, and Building Hope. Perhaps it is his intention to spread the failure of his presidency throughout the world. Think of it, a worldwide Misery Index of 21.98%.

There was a time when former presidents were reluctant to criticize their successors and refused to do so while on foreign soil. Mr. Carter broke from that discipline years ago. He attacked the Reagan administration from Cairo in 1984 where he scoffed at the president for being "more inclined to form a Contra army to overthrow the Sandinistas or inject the Marines into Lebanon or use American battleships to shell villages around Beirut" than to negotiate.

In the run up to Gulf I, he interposed himself, warning that if the Bush administration attacked Iraq, America "would reap great and very serious deleterious consequences politically." To the consternation of Clinton administration officials in 1994, Mr. Carter popped up in North Korea to work out a nuclear agreement with President Kim Il Sung that proved utterly futile. The North Koreans detonated a nuclear device 12 years later.

Do read it all ....

Related: Here's how Carter's lovefest with Hamas is played by Aljazeera (English):

Posted by Abdul at April 18, 2008 4:15 PM

Dear Abdul:

I recall, during the Carter Administration, when an initiative with the former Soviet Union failed, Carter lamented to the American people that the Soviets could not be trusted. Yet, here he travels to a society intoxicated by religious frenzy to overcome the West by any means with the same naivety which lured him into a deal with the Soviets. One has to wonder what diplomatic maturity he has acquired since his days as the Peanut Farmer president.

Having said that, we need to take caution with Barry Obama. I fear Barry will out-embarrass Jimmy, if he is given the opportunity. Barry suffers from the same infliction of diplomatic naivety.

With Aloha,

Posted by: harry at April 19, 2008 6:40 AM

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