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April 9, 2008

Here's The 'New' Fitna (Updated)

Topics: Understanding Islam

Rusty's received a "Cease and Desist Request" from .... Geert Wilders, to remove the film Fitna from Java Report. My guess is that Hyscience might be receiving a similar notice since we've been carrying it in several posts throughout our site.

Here is the new-somewhat sanitized version of Fitna. I personally like the new Mohammed carrying a bomb on his shoulder image - it's a nice touch and quite befitting.

And purely for your artistic review and comparison in order that you the reader/viewer might discern for yourself whether or not the changes are significant, here's the original Fitna.


(Click image to see all of the Mohammad cartoons that the jihadists go nuts over)

Posted by Richard at April 9, 2008 12:33 PM

okay...why has geert wilders sent out cease and desist orders? and has anyone checked to see if it's really from him or his representative?it doesn't make any sense that he would do this....he wanted this film seen far and wide. does this make sense to you?
i haven't gotten one yet...possibly because i am just too small a fish, so i will continue to have the fitna video.

Posted by: christmasghost at April 9, 2008 5:04 PM

I was aware that he was being pressured to make some changes that are related to copyright issues, and the changes appear to be very minor.

Irregardless, unless we specifically are requested to do so, we plan on keeping both up.

Posted by: Richard at April 9, 2008 11:05 PM

richard..thanks for the info. i plan on keeping the video up too.

Posted by: christmasghost at April 10, 2008 6:51 PM

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