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April 21, 2008

Group Launches Obama 'Willie Horton' Ad: Terrorist Connections May Be Greater Concern

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The National Campaign Fund and Floyd Brown, the political operative behind the controversial Willie Horton ad, is launching a new TV ad (video here) criticizing Sen. Barack Obama for being too easy on gang murderers:

Story here ...

Obama's laxity on gang crime just may be the least of his worries; his terrorist connections are of more concern. He apparently has a penchant for surrounding himself with interesting people - as in radicals of the far left. Maybe it's all just "bad judgement" or maybe he's just a liar. Either way this is the man democrats want to have in charge of our country:

Via Democrats Hate The US:

Former intelligence officer Larry Johnson: "At a minimum this reminds us that there is a pattern of bad judgment by Obama. He goes in on a land deal with Tony Rezko even though he knows Rezko is a target of a Federal investigation. And his explanation? A mistake in judgment. Now this. Anyone thinking of running for President should know they cannot take money from a terrorist and they cannot serve on a board with a terrorist. Period. But this simple lesson apparently escapes the brilliant constitutional law professor. This much we do know. Obama does not deny having a relationship with William Ayers. Obama has never repudiated the terrorism of William Ayers. If you think this is a record Obama can run on in the fall and survive you are living in an alternate universe. It is time to get some clear answers to tough questions before the Democrats sell their soul to someone whose lapses in judgment will come back to haunt them in the fall."

"Obama's Ayers and Dorhn relationship is something more than a few people have been trying to nail down for weeks. You can bet the Republicans and their 527s will do just that. I don't blame them either. This goes well beyond the Rezko connection. In the bad judgment file, any association whatsoever with a domestic terrorist who actively tried to thwart an air war during the Vietnam war, calls our Marines "terrorists," while also being unrepentant about it, shows a lack of seriousness I will never accept. John McCain's personal disgust at this connection between Obama and Ayers will bring out a righteous fury that will likely pit the War Hero against the Terrorist's Friend, which is just one angle Obama's opponents will use."

"William Ayers is an unrepentant terrorist, though he is normally described as a distinguished education professor. One does not necessarily rule out the other, but he himself acknowledges planting bombs in U.S. Federal buildings. There is now undeniable proof of a longstanding relationship between Barack Obama and William Ayers. We are not talking about two guys who just happened to bump into one another on the street. We are not talking about a secret admirer (Ayers) who quietly sent money to an aspiring politician.

No, we are talking about William Ayers hosting a fundraiser for Barack Obama and actively working with him to secure Barack's first electoral victory in Illinois. But wait, there is more. Barack and Ayers also served on the board of the Woods Fund. And they worked together to give money to some other folks, including a group with ties to the PLO.

What makes Ayers so toxic is his own written record equating U.S. Marines with terrorists. Look at the beating that John Kerry took for tossing his medals over the White House fence. Ayers did not toss medals, he threw bombs. Real ones. Bombs that exploded.

Do you think that Republicans will ignore Obama's ties to Ayers? The two were serving on the same board in 2002. We are talking less than six years ago and the record will come out showing some questionable grants by these two characters. William Ayers, in the age of terrorism, will be Barack Obama's Willie Horton"

As much as the above video is revealing of Obama's radical leftist affiliations, this video tells of even deeper concerns: Terrorism - Barack Obama - Bitter Elitist

Posted by Richard at April 21, 2008 10:03 PM

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