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April 7, 2008

Defeatacrats And Surrender-Media Screwed Again - This Time By Sadr Surrender

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The stunning news today of al-Sadr's willingness to essentially surrender - disband his Mahdi Militia - if the central Shia council tells him to - shows once again just how far out of touch the Democrats and the surrender media are with the realities in Iraq:

Sadr is grasping for a face saving way out of the mess he is in. He thought he could resist the central government and is learning he is not gaining support, but losing it at a stunning rate. So he must sue for peace now, and will use the council as his cover to surrender.

Which leaves the Surrendercrats and SurrenderMedia in a fine pickle as they try and spin the situation in Iraq as a pending failure - after a year of incredible successes. The only chance they had to paint Iraq as out of control was the Shia militias. al-Qaeda has been beaten severely in the last year and is trying to hold onto their last foothold in the north - which won't be possible. And now Sadr has basically pulled the rug out from the Surrendercrats by quitting the 'civil war'.

What is a defeatist democrat to do when all their allies in the insurgency and terrorist camps keep losing?

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Surely the Dems will slip into deep sorrow over this. After all, with them being so committed to the defeat of the U.S. in Iraq, how are they going to emotionally and politically tolerate the continued gradual U.S. success there?

Posted by Abdul at April 7, 2008 11:24 AM

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