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April 21, 2008

Carter Again Proves He's The Useful Idiot Of Terrorists

Topics: War on Terror

Well put by Ed Morrissey:

... just as clueless 30 years ago as he proved himself to be this week. Carter had everything but Neville Chamberlain's umbrella as he returned with a supposed agreement by Hamas to recognize Israel and accede to a peace deal negotiated by Mahmoud Abbas and approved by referendum. However, Hamas immediately pulled the rug out from under Carter, exposing his idiocy...
More at Hot Air.

Essentially, Carter got nothing, nada, not a damned thing, but he gave Hamas a U.S. president begging its favor and validated Hamas' claim to legitimacy as a player in the Middle East. Hamas has not had and will never have any interest whatsoever in peace with Israel, only the destruction of Israel. All Hamas has to do to have peace with Israel is to BE peaceful with Israel and stop attacking.

In other words, Hamas has once again pulled the wool over the near-blind (as in no one is blinder than those who refuse to see...) eyes of Jimmuh Carter. His being made a fool by enemies of the United States and damaging our national security interests is a role that this useful idiot of terrorists continues to embrace, long after his disastrous presidency:

Carter's arrogant, misguided attempt at freelance diplomacy was in direct defiance of American foreign policy, and went against the advice of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and members of Congress.

Carter asked Khaled Mashaal to stop Hamas rocket attacks on Israel and to start talking to the Israeli prime minister about a prisoner exchange.

Not surprisingly, all Carter got in response was word that Hamas would get back to him with a reply ''in the coming days.''

But Hamas got what it wanted from Carter --Êa former U.S. president begging its favor. Carter only helps to validate Hamas' claim to legitimacy as a player in Mideast. After the meeting, a Hamas spokesman told The Associated Press, ''Political isolation (of Hamas) by the American administration has begun to crumble.''

In short, Hamas made a monkey out of Carter, just as Ayatollah Khomeini did in 1979 when Carter was president and allowed then-U.S. ally Iran to be taken over by hostile Islamic radicals. Carter went on to let the radicals dance on his face for more than a year as they held 52 U.S. embassy staffers hostage. Not until Ronald Reagan brought common sense and an iron will to the White House were the hostages released.

Carter's impotence as president emboldened the Islamists and we're still dealing with the lethal consequences of Carter's failure.

Somebody shred his passport, please.

Carter and America desperately need him to go back to doing the only thing he's ever done well - building houses for the poor who can't afford to sue him for shoddy work.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at April 21, 2008 8:44 AM

The most frightening part of the Carter visit is that it is merely a preview of what would be the "Obama Foreign Policy Initiative". America would no longer stand up to our enemies, nor would be hunt them down in lands afar, instead, our President would sit down for photo ops with our sworn enemies, in the hope that giving our enemies the "warm and fuzzies" will lead to them changing their ways. The Carter visit with Hamas was absolutely shameful and a black eye for America, as it will only empower Hamas to keep raining down rockets on Israel .. while chanting out "we're equal partners in the Middle East equation .. President Carter said so".
The World is a dangerous place. America is the guardian of liberty and freedom. We need to remain steadfast and vigilant in our battles against our enemies, anything less will only lead to further bloodshed down the road, perhaps even with catastrophic results ie. a Nuclear Armed Iran. President Carter didn't have the resolve to take on our enemies during his stint as President, and almost 30 years later, here is he empowering terrorists .. Who's side is he really on?

Posted by: JoeB at April 22, 2008 10:06 AM

JoeB's comments are right to the point and spot on. The short answer to the question of "who's side is he on" is firstly his own ego and secondly that of the liberal progressives who share with him the naive assumption that Islamists can be reasoned with. He and others like him fail to realize that they are simply pawns in the grand plan of the Islamists to have all of us submissive to sharia law, or die.

He and they are indeed, useful idiots for the Islamists.

Posted by: Richard at April 22, 2008 11:08 AM

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