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April 27, 2008

Al Gore Ducks 'Inconvient' Questions About Food Crisis, Ethanol, and Climate Alarmism

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2007-10-21Gore.jpgApparently, Al Gore doesn't want to face inconvenient questions on the truth confronting his climate alarmism and the resulting global food crisis resulting from biofuels made from corn:

A remarkable thing happened Thursday: a press member wanted to ask Nobel Laureate Al Gore about the growing international food crisis and how it relates to ethanol and global warming hysteria.

Not surprisingly, the man who cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate fourteen years ago mandating the use of ethanol wasn't available, and a spokesman for his hysteria-driving Alliance for Climate Protection declined to comment.

Isn't that convenient?

Regardless, the good news is that press outlets continue to recognize this unholy connection, and that someone, even at the conservative New York Sun, would deign to report it (emphasis added throughout):

The campaign against climate change could be set back by the global food crisis, as foreign populations turn against measures to use foodstuffs as substitutes for fossil fuels. [...]

One factor being blamed for the price hikes is the use of government subsidies to promote the use of corn for ethanol production. An estimated 30% of America's corn crop now goes to fuel, not food.

"I don't think anybody knows precisely how much ethanol contributes to the run-up in food prices, but the contribution is clearly substantial," a professor of applied economics and law at the University of Minnesota, C. Ford Runge, said. A study by a Washington think tank, the International Food Policy Research Institute, indicated that between a quarter and a third of the recent hike in commodities prices is attributable to biofuels.

[...] "It takes around 400 pounds of corn to make 25 gallons of ethanol," Mr. Senauer, also an applied economics professor at Minnesota, said. "It's not going to be a very good diet but that's roughly enough to keep an adult person alive for a year."

Mr. Senauer said climate change advocates, such as Vice President Gore, need to distance themselves from ethanol to avoid tarnishing the effort against global warming. "Crop-based biofuels are not part of the solution. They, in fact, add to the problem. Whether Al Gore has caught up with that, somebody ought to ask him," the professor said. "There are lots of solutions, real solutions to climate change. We need to get to those."

Mr. Gore was not available for an interview yesterday on the food crisis, according to his spokeswoman. A spokesman for Mr. Gore's public campaign to address climate change, the Alliance for Climate Protection, declined to comment for this article.

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As irrational as Al Gore's alarmism and man-made global warming hoax has been, just as irrational has been the blind rush by politicians and the UN to accept it. How could they not see what the result would be!

As the world is entering a perfect storm of events affecting food prices brought on to a significant degree by biofuels juxtaposed with energy prices, one could rationally assume that sooner or later Al Gore and his "Chicken Little" alarmists will be exposed for the naive frauds that they indeed are.

Besides, didn't anyone think that putting vehicles in competition for food never made any sense in the first place?

Posted by Abdul at April 27, 2008 9:48 AM

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