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April 2008

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April 30, 2008

Evidence of Tehran's Destructive Meddling in Iraq Is Mounting
Muslim Woman Suing Over Niqab is Lying To Federal Judge
The Party of Defeat
Obama Counsels With New Radical Minister
State Department And Homeland Security Choose To Fly Blind In The War On Terror
Obama Runs Grandmother Under The Bus, Then Runs Rev. Wright Under The Bus, Who In Turn Ran Obama Under The Bus, Who Then Ran The Bus Over The Reverend - Oh My, What A Mess!

April 29, 2008

Obama Throws Wright Under The Bus As His Chickens Come Home To Roost (Updated)
Malik Zulu Shabazz Disagrees With Obama On Jeremiah Wright
Bush Erupts Against Attention-deficit Media - Explains 'Winning Doesn't Mean War Is Over' (Must See Video)
Obama Distorts Rev. Wright's Background - And More (Updated)

April 28, 2008

Karl Rove: Dear Senator Obama
Outragous DNC Anti-McCain Ad Shows U.S. Soldiers Being Blown Up
Reminiscent Of The Tower Of Babble: Our 'PWNED' Citizenry
Monitor Your Moles For Signs Of Dangerous Skin Cancer

April 27, 2008

Who Is The Real Barack Hussein Obama Hiding Behind The Empty Suit? (Updated)
Official Obama Blogger Flies Communist Party Flag
Al Gore Ducks 'Inconvient' Questions About Food Crisis, Ethanol, and Climate Alarmism

April 26, 2008

About Those 'Snippets'
Pakistani Senate condemns Motoons, Fitna, urges UN to take 'all necessary legal, political and administrative steps to curb this trend'
Who is 'G' - al Qaeda's Man in London?
Racism? Who's Racism? Bitterness? Who's Bitterness?
Very Dumb Democrat Sets Up Fake 'Nazi Skinheads For McCain' Group
Officials 'Probe' Semi-trucks Plow Into Rail Station That KIlled 2
More Than 'A Little Unhinged'

April 25, 2008

Obama Campaign Tries To Cover-up Terrorist-supporting Obama Supporter's Webpage Link To Michelle Obama By Removing It (Updated)
Krauthammer On Obama's 'Distractions'
Quote Of The Day
There's Something Wrong With This Picture

April 24, 2008

When Will The Media Question DNC's False Statistics In Anti-McCain Ad
The 'Haunting of the Democrats'
Pelosi Makes 'Fake-Religious Ass' Out Of Herself
Obama's 'Real' Bill Ayers Problem (Is also 'our' problem because of them)
Brazil Oil Discoveries Could End Reliance on Middle East, Zeihan Says
Student in Wheechair Faces Assault Charges for Running Over Classmate's Toe
Thank your local Democrat for $4 gas!
WWE Hillary Clinton Vs Barack Obama

April 23, 2008

'Obama Art ' Says Much About The Candidate
'Ethanol Kills Wildlife'
John McCain Tells N.C. GOP: 'Don't Run Anti-Obama Ad'
Environmentalists' Real Agenda - End Capitalism
Obama "Hearts" Waffles
Arutz Sheva: IAF Attacks Targets In Lebanon
Request For Contributions Of Mohammad Caricatures
Maybe Obama Is Really A Messiah
Terrorist Fundraisers for Obama
Al-Sadr's Familiy Turns On Him - Disowns "Rogue Son"

April 22, 2008

Happy Earth Day, Suckers! (Updated)
Sorry To Ruin All The Fun Of The Global Warming Cultists, But An 'Ice Age Cometh' (Updated)
U.N. Expert: Food Crisis 'A Silent Tsunami'
Cuban police repression of Ladies in White
Md. Man Who Sent Threatening Letters to Bush Sentenced to 15 Years: So What Should 'Little Bush Hater' Get For YouTube Video?
Costs Of Illegal Aliens Approaching Cost Of War In Iraq

April 21, 2008

What's Calderon up to?
Group Launches Obama 'Willie Horton' Ad: Terrorist Connections May Be Greater Concern
Muslim Groups Complain About McCain Referring To "Islamic terrorists" As "Islamic Terrorists
The newspaper which announced Putin's divorce and possible marriage is shut down
Book ''Why We Left Islam' may face Muslim wrath
Little Bush-hater
Carter Again Proves He's The Useful Idiot Of Terrorists

April 20, 2008

Obama Just Might Be Minus A Delegate
More Trouble For Obama?
'Pope's Secret Service Agent Spots Someone In The Crowd'

April 18, 2008

Obama's Far-Left Friends Angry at ABC
Choose Life at Yale Responds to 'Abortion Art'
Jimmy Carter - America Traitor (Video)
Mary Katharine Ham On Nutroots Debate Reaction
AP Totally Fabricates the Pope's Message to the UN
Arab And Muslim Countries, With Help From The UN, Are Out To Destroy Our Right Of Free Speech
Pregnant Kids And A Whacko Cult
'Obama' And 'Truth' An Oxymoron

April 17, 2008

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) Holds Up Resolution Over 'Human Life'
Pakistan Tribes Taking On Islamo-Fascists
Obama The Next 'McGovern' ?
Shocking Abortion 'Art Project' Rocks Yale
Obama Reports Income Of $4.2 million In 2007 Tax Returns

April 16, 2008

McCain The Winner Of Tonight's Dem Debate
Yet Another Reason We Fight The Culture War
Barack Obama In Quotes
Afghan-Inspired Technology: The Latest In Burglar Alarms
Allaho Akbar!... Obama Rahbar!

April 15, 2008

Jimmy Carter, 'Tyranny's Enabler'
Iranian Police Chief Jailed After Being Caught Nude With 6 Women
More Gospel According To Barack
Obama A 'Living Lie'
Global Backlash Building Against Biofuels
New Political Blog Launches Today: 'Right Side Politics Examiner'

April 14, 2008

It's Time To Get Past The Environmentalists' BS And Tell Congress We Need Oil Now (Updated)
The World According To Jimmy Carter
Researchers: Vitamin D And Calcium Influence Cell Death In The Colon
Limbaugh On Obama's Projections of Bitterness
(Video) Hamas MP: Islam Will Conquer Europe and the Two Americas
Obama Down 20 In PA
Bulgaria, terrorism and drug trafficking

April 13, 2008

Obama's 'Bad Company' Begs A Question ....
Robert Spencer On Freedom Of Speech In The Age Of Jihad
'What Clinton wishes she could say'
Jeremiah Wright Back In The News
Today Being Sunday, I'm Feeling Expecially Bitter (Updated)

April 12, 2008

Alicia Keys: 'Gangsta Rap' Created to Convince Black People to Kill Each Other
Behold the wisdom (despotic logic) of the Saudi cleric, Muhammad al-Munajid

April 11, 2008

Gore Admits Financial 'Stake' In Advancing Global Warming Hysteria
Kaus Accomplishes Scalding Takedown Of NYT On Basra - With Humor
What's This? Obama's Fancied the Terror Gang in Chicago-- Partied With Bombers & Former PLO Operative

April 10, 2008

Incredibly - Palestinians In Gaza Are Campaigning For Obama
UN Slowly Killing The Freedom Of Speech
Opinion - Some Thoughts On The McCain "Tolerance Campaign Ad"
John McCain Unveils Plan To Help Homeowners Who Have 'Burdensome' Mortgages
Doors with slippery slopes At Lake Superior State University
Jimmy Carter - Friend To Enemies Of Western Civilization - To Meet With Hamas leader in Damascus

April 9, 2008

McCain Tolerance Campaign Ad
Father of Beaten Lakeland Girl: No Choice But to Homeschool
Support 'Jamiel's Law' - Target Illegal Immigrant Gang Members (Updated)
Here's The 'New' Fitna (Updated)
Top Al Qaeda Leader Abu Ubaida al-Masri Confirmed Dead in Pakistan
Conservative Rapper Takes on Barack Obama
Radical Islam's Plan For World Domination
From Congressman Keith Ellison To Barack Obama (Updated)
Islam: What the West Needs to Know
U.S. Intelligence Officials: 'Al-Qaeda Nuclear Attack Against U.S. In Planning Stages

April 8, 2008

Lieberman: Dems Hear No Progress, See No Progress, Speak No Progress
Iraq Today: By The Numbers
More Bad News For Al Gore
McCain And His Supporters Continue To Take The High Road
On Getting 'Mugged' By Biased Reporting
Obama Now Lying About Lying About McCain's "100 years" Comment (Video)
WSJ: 'The Petraeus Effect'
Dalai Lama: 'I Am A Marxist Monk'
Basra A Tragedy For Democrats:
Expert: "We're brainwashing our children" about global warming
Not Left, Thus Evil...

April 7, 2008

Vodka Map Has Too Much Vodka
McCain Camp Using Obama's "100 years" - Over And Over And Over
Report: 'Saddam Transferred WMDs To Syria'
Hitchens On Obama
Hussein Obama - 12th Imam?
More On Obama's Communist Roots
Iraqi Christians: Exodus, Ethnic Cleansing and Identity Annihilation
Homeland Stupidity Report: FBI And CIA Go Max On Stupid - Continue Recruiting In Terrorist Media
Iranian Agents Directed Operations in Basra
Defeatacrats And Surrender-Media Screwed Again - This Time By Sadr Surrender

April 6, 2008

Blame The Environmentalists, A Hoax-swallowing Congress, And A Hoax-swallowing President, For Rising Food Prices

April 4, 2008

Obama mania: Is this 2008 ... or 1984?
Juan Williams On Obama And King
4/04/08 Religion Of Peace Update
'Let's Cut Through The Crap,' - Liberals Are Indeed 'Un-American'
Uh Oh! Global 'Warming' Cooled This Year

April 3, 2008

Indonesian Lawyers Want Islamic Law Extended To Non-Muslims
Arab Beauty Contest - Where Men Prefer Camels
Compound Found In Plastic Drinking Water Bottles May Alter Gene Expression In Human Breast Cells
Wall Street Moving To Help Usher-in Sharia Law?
Obama All Wrong On Iran's 'Unsettling al Qaeda Connections'
Opinion - Rev. Wright Honored At Catholic Church In Chicago - Is This Obama's Vision For America?
NATO Endorsing Missle Defense System Obama And Fellow Dems Called 'Unproven'

April 2, 2008

'Extreme Dhimmitude' - Defined
Is CNN An 'American' News Network?
'Our Friends,' The Saudis
Who Is This Guy Obama, Anyway?
Religion of Peace Report: Muslim Lawyer Says 'Non-Muslims Deserve to Be Punished'

April 1, 2008

Green Tea Boosts Antibiotics for Superbugs
Pat Condell On 'Fitna' And 'Appeasing Islam'
Compound Found In Soybeans May Halt Spread Of Prostate Cancer
Where's All That Muslim Indignation Over This Film ?
Lights out at