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March 29, 2008

Saudis Offering Deceptive Religious Reform Proposal

Topics: Understanding Islam

Once again, the Saudis are selling us another one of those "pigs in a poke" that brings greater meaning to the term caveat emptor:

(Via Militant Islam [...] Many column inches of print in the West have recently been devoted to a not-so-new plan to "train" 40,000 Saudi imams with an eye towards reducing what have been called, "militant hardliners."

The action line in most of these stories is that this is a great move, a sign that the Saudis are rejecting Islamism, a fact nowhere in evidence.

As the Saudis have conceived this effort they intend to carry out this mission via the newly created King Abdulaziz Center for National Dialogue, which is a division of the Saudi Ministry For Islamic Affairs, Endowment, Dawa and Guidance.

The website for this ministry carries a message that indicates just how difficult it is going to be for the Saudis to reform their religion in a manner consistent with what Western pundits seem to be suggesting.

Material on that website demonstrates how Saudi culture and Islam are inseparable, stating that, "To understand the history of the Kingdom and its political, economic and social development, it is necessary to realize that Islam, which permeates every aspect of a Muslim's life, also permeates every aspect of the Saudi Arabian state."

If that was not daunting enough, even more problematic is the following defense of the intolerant Saudi brand of Islam, Wahhabism, stating it was derived directly from the Quran and is therefore not a sect but the one true form of the religion and hence unassailable.

[...] At best this move by the Saudis represents an effort to present Wahhabism as a reasonable religious sect making it more da'wa friendly playing on our societal preoccupation with interfaith sharing, which in relation to Islam is a fraudulent concept because it's a one-way conversation.

As such the move falls into the purview of stealth jihad, advancing Sharia in a manner not overtly conflictive with Western freedoms.

All those associated with this program, the committees, ministry's and individuals which will be implementing it belong to the Saudi Wahhabist establishment.

To expect those who have spent tens of billions to spread this most virulent form of Islam - which includes the Saudi's ambitious U.S. fundamentalist mosque building program - has now repudiated itself, on the strength of a few New York Times or BBC news stories which in turn are based upon mere Saudi proclamations and assurances, is asking much more than a reasonable person should be willing to accept.

Continue reading: The Saudis Deceptive Religious Reform Proposal

The West must resist being lulled to sleep by this latest Saudi deception. The Saudis are now and will continue to be at the forefront in the spread of Islamic "theofascism" around the world, and have spent at least $87 billion propagating Wahhabism abroad during the past two decades. They are not about to change their beliefs or their dark intentions:

[...] While Saudi citizens remain the vanguard of Islamic theofascism around the world, the growth potential for this ideology lies outside the Kingdom. The Saudis have spent at least $87 billion propagating Wahhabism abroad during the past two decades,[15] and the scale of financing is believed to have increased in the past two years as oil prices have skyrocketed. The bulk of this funding goes to the construction and operating expenses of mosques, madrassas, and other religious institutions that preach Wahhabism. It also supports the training of imams; domination of mass media and publishing outlets; distribution of Wahhabi textbooks and other literature; and endowments to universities (in exchange for influence over the appointment of Islamic scholars). By comparison, the Communist Party of the USSR and its Comintern spent just over $7 billion propagating its ideology worldwide between 1921 and 1991.[16]

The lack of a formal ecclesiastical hierarchy within Sunni Islam renders traditional religious institutions weak in the face of well-funded Wahhabi missionary activities. Most Sunni Muslims look to their local imams for religious guidance. In poor countries, these imams and local leaders often find it difficult to resist the siren song of small amounts of Saudi aid that accompany Wahhabist missionaries in poor. Moderate imams do not have a comparable source of financial patronage with which to combat its spread.[17]

[...] it is the overwhelming wealth of Saudi Arabia that enables the Wahhabi sect to proselytize on a global scale, not the intrinsic appeal of its teachings. Throughout the world, moderates echo the assessment of Somali journalist Bashir Gothar, who writes that his country's tolerant Sufi-infused Islamic culture has been: "swept aside by a new brand of Islam that is being pushed down the throat of our people - Wahhabism. Anywhere one looks, one finds that alien, perverted version of Islam

Continue reading: Saudi Arabia, Wahhabism and the Spread of Sunni Theofascism

As discussed at the above link, Wahhabi proselytizing is not limited to the Islamic world. The Saudis have financed the growth of thousands of Wahhabi mosques, madrassas, and other religious institutions in Western countries that have fast-growing Muslim minorities during the past three decades. There is no country in the West that has not been infected by the Wahhabists theofascism, and 80% of the mosques in the U.S. are already Wahabbist.

Accepting this latest Saudi trickery at face value is societal and civilizational suicide. It is indeed - stealth jihad, advancing Sharia in a manner not overtly conflictive with Western freedoms but designed to spread Wahabbist theofascism to every corner of the world and replace Western laws and religion with sharia law and the virulent Wahabbi brand of Islam fostered and supported by the Saudis.

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Posted by Abdul at March 29, 2008 4:45 PM

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