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March 24, 2008

Iran Behind Sunday's Green Zone Attack

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Gen David Petraeus, the most senior U.S. general in Iraq, has told the BBC that Tehran had trained, equipped and funded insurgents who fired the barrage of mortars and rockets, and that Iran was adding what he described as "lethal accelerants" to a very combustible mix:

"The rockets that were launched at the Green Zone yesterday, for example... were Iranian-provided, Iranian-made rockets," he said, adding that the groups that fired them were funded and trained by the Quds Force.

"All of this in complete violation of promises made by President Ahmadinejad and the other most senior Iranian leaders to their Iraqi counterparts."

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Given the fact that Iran's role in the violence in Iraq and attacks on American troops there has been known for some time and that last month Defense Secretary Robert Gates took the time to say that he can prove Iran's role, our reason for allowing Iran to continue this without military repercussions is ???????????

Wasn't it over a year ago that President George Bush warned Tehran that he would respond "firmly" if Tehran stepped up its alleged involvement in violence in Iraq.

Yet still nothing, Iran is free to kill American troops and suffer no consequences. Our reasoning is ?????????

Does Washington believe that by giving the Islamists in Iran a pass on their support of violence in Iraq and the killing of U.S. troops - Iran will somehow undergo a spontaneous conversion to rational behavior and live up to their agreements?

Posted by Mike in Iraq at March 24, 2008 2:16 PM

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