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March 25, 2008

If you critisize Islam, you should be sued

Topics: Dhimmitude, International News, United Nations Incompetence

That is the conclusion the Islamic Conference Organization has reached in its last meeting, because the free world is not menaces by the violent Jihadis. The real danger lives in the islamophobes who critisize Islam:

So this is what they were up to. I wondered what were they asking for, when I blogged about the recent riots in Denmark. And I wondered it because, when the cartoons' riots, they asked for a UN resolution against the defamation of Islam and they got one, with the title mentioning the "religions" but inside of it, it only mentions Islam.

As Robert Spencer says, to preserve a social group from critics is de facto a real tyranny. It means their ideology its considered above the rest, or, if you would like to use the Islamic term, it means the submission of everyone to Islam.

If we don't defend freedom of speech, no one will. We just have to consider which countries voted for that UN resolution: countries so respectful of religion as China, North Korea or Burma, autocracies like Russia, together with Islamic teocracies like Iran or Islamic states such as Nigeria, Egypt or Sudan.

Democracies all voted against. Any bell ringing??

More in Spanish Pundit.

Posted by Eurabian at March 25, 2008 8:39 PM

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