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March 9, 2008

Hamas Terrorists Admit To Being Trained In Iran By Revelutionary Guard (Updated)

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What amazes me is that this is only just now coming to light: Hamas wages Iran's proxy war on Israel - Hamas leader admits hundreds of his fighters have travelled to Tehran.

Perhaps it is more appropriate to say that I'm surprised that it's taken this long for the media to put it out in print. Surely Western intelligence agencies had to have known this for some time - well before Hamas's victory in the Palestinian elections back in January 2006. Iran hasn't ever even tried to hide its financial assistance to Hamas, and it can be argued that Iran has provided training to Hamas terrorists as far back as prior to 1995. So there's nothing new here, time to step along ...

Maybe not.

Iran has, of course, been developing Hezbollah's capabilities, and helped engineer the Hamas takeover of Gaza - with the effect that Israel is "pinched" between Hezbollah in Lebannon and Hamas in Gaza. Then there's the not-so-little matter of Fatah not being Israel's best friend and a hair's breath away at anytime joining in the "destroy Israel" club. Juxtapose these developments to date with the fact (and I do mean fact - let's not delude ourselves here) that Iran is hell-bent on developing nuclear weapons and wants nothing more than to occupy Israel's attention at home on attacks and promises thereof from Hamas and Hezbollah instead of attacking Iran's nuclear facilities. And for now, that strategy appears to be working - for Iran.

Western nations and Israel allow this diversion to happen at their peril. As David Hazony points out in his piece at today, "Given how much progress Iran seems to be making on the bomb, and how distracted the Americans are right now with the elections, let us hope that the stratagem fails."

However, I'd take Hazon's suggestion a step further and add that we'd better damned do a hell of a lot more than hope that the strategem fails, because so far - given the failure on the part of the U.S. and Israel to stop the continued, ongoing, and growing development of Hezbollah and Hamas by Iran - including the training of Hamas terrorists on Iranian soil, juxtaposed with Iran's nuclear weapon development that's moving along like crap through a goose, the U.S. and Israel - along with the West, is facing civilizational disaster the likes of which the world has never seen.

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Posted by Abdul at March 9, 2008 12:57 PM

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