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February 6, 2008

The Next Mass Extinction: Also Bush's Fault???

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I have been away from commenting and publishing on Hyscience and elsewhere for a while, because I have been too busy putting my life together, overcoming a crippling medical condition, and once again getting myself, as they say, "a life", and had, besides, grown nauseous and disgusted with politics, and the banal, and fickle, electorate responsible for electing such as Reid, Pelosi, and their ilk, to lead us in one of the most crucial times, not only in our country's, but the world's history, and simply decided to walk away from it all.

But after being bombarded daily with an obscene amount of absurdity, outright madness, and blatantly open demagogic pro-democrat leftist propaganda, from "Wolfie" and his colleagues at CNN, the MSM, and the rest of the out of control "liberal" media, openly rooting for the democrats, witnessing the virtual deification of Obama (ironically from otherwise secular and godless people), and the moral political bankruptcy of the American populace, I can no longer hold myself back; specially after I happened upon a supposedly apolitical "science" program on the Science channel yesterday (which I had now chosen to watch to avoid the current political fray), with the added "straw that broke this camel's back" when perusing through the posts on Hyscience, I found of our friend KW's comments in response to a criticism of Obama, all because someone had the audacity to say Obama was all fluff with no substance, quote:

"Fluff and no substance"

I thought you were talking about our current president. A failed governor and head of two failed businesses.

But I was wrong.


Posted by: KW at February 3, 2008 7:24 PM

Of course, anyone who dares question the "divinity" of Obama, must be an "idiot", or part of the dastardly "Hillary Great Conservative Conspiracy"!

It is a sad fact of our present days that everything seems to have been inexorably politicized - from politically correct toys such as "Dora," being marketed by a major toy manufacturer towards the illegal aliens now spilling out of control over our borders and swarming us out of existence us a nation - from south of the border (¡Viva Aztlan!), to gay Teletubbies and lesbian rabbits on PBS, to the forced indoctrination that most of our children endure in the educational system of our country - which has politicized everything from science to medicine in the academic realm, and notably turned our universities into nothing but hot-beds of anti-social, anarchic, radical ideology.

It is also a known fact that it is a firmly held belief of liberals, the democrats, "greenies", and the generally deranged, that all the world's ills and woe's are president Bush's fault; from Al Gore's greenhouse gases (which I would venture would be drastically reduced if he shot his mealy mouth up and stopped spewing so much pseudo- scientific "hot air" into the atmosphere) , to endemic world poverty, hunger, and even contagious diseases, such as AIDS, as if natural causes, human nature, institutionalized ignorance, and - in the case of AIDS the engaging in the risky, unnatural, and morally reprehensible behavior which first helped spread it throughout the world - were not to blame, had no bearing, or simply did not exist.

But when I saw on the science channel yesterday a supposedly bonafide scientist discussing past mass extinctions imply, following the now in vogue Al Gore mantra everyone repeats like mindless automata, that global warming and present changes in weather patterns are not the result of natural fluctuations, but rather the end result of present political policies - I.E. the evil Bush administration - and saw her imply that there may occur as a result another "mass extinction" and that in her estimation it would take the planet 10 million years to recover, practicall implying it was Bush's fault, I gagged, I simply had too much... and was reminded by such lunacy that, to quote Socrates: "Too much of anything is too much for me."

My God! How consequential can any human being be, least of all president Bush, in the scheme of things of the planet, that now it turns out Bush is not only the "devil" - as Hugo Chavez (that friend of liberals, democrats, anarchist, commies, geriatric hippies, and social misfits in general) so theatrically proclaimed at the United Nations sulphur and all (even though by following Castro's example, and even though Venezuela is oil rich, inflation is paradoxically the highest it has ever been in that country's history, and just as in Cuba, the inevitable "Marxist" food shortages and the hunger of the populace, even for the most basic foodstuff, has already begun), but is responsible for the next "mass extinction" on the planet too?!?! Aside from all the other ills of the world religiously assigned to him by liberal loons ?!?! Get real! I can just picture the archeologists of an alien race (no, not the illegal Mexicans) visiting our planet pondering over the remnants of our long-gone civilization about what cataclysmic disaster doomed our civilizationt and brought about the mass extinction of most life on our globe...and Bush is to blame?!?!

Imagine that! After a rocky and somewhat inconsequential presidency, as a result of being overly conciliatory with democratic mad dogs and his lack of backbone in standing up to democrats in general, Bush would be up there with the meteor that hit the Yucatan peninsula (what a coincidence, Mexican from south of the border too?) that made the dinosaurs extinct, and the volcanic planetary upheavals of the Pre-Cambrian that wiped most of life on the planet, as one of the "Forces of Nature" (and without the help of Sandra Bullock at that) that shaped the face of our planet! Seriously now, liberal demagogues give Bush too much credit by using him as a scapegoat for just about everything! Beam me up Scotty, this is really getting ridiculous!

But then, here we are about to choose our next leader, and Hillary proclaims: "The age of 'Cowboy Diplomacy' is over" and one must ask, to be replaced by what???...More of the same failed Clinton "Age of Whoring Diplomacy" that once left Osama Bin Laden unfettered to eventually carry out 9/11?!?! And what about a totally inexperienced and unqualified man,"deified" by the Kennedys and the liberals to be some new "Black Messiah" harbinger of change, simply because he's part black (no one ever brings up Obama's sinister "White Devil" ancestry, much less speak of his mother's illness: "Jungle Fever"), and because he has the uncanny ability to be "articulate" (an ability much resented by Reverend Sharpton and other black luminaries), and speaks proper English and not "Ebonics"...well, at least publicly?!?!

And then, we have the inbred Southern Governor, all "Provincial" and quaint, who boycotted a whole Island nation and intended to destroy its economy, and wreak vengeance on its innocent people, Aruba, all because of the disappearance of a teenage "Girl Gone Wild" set loose on the island, with unlimited booze, drugs, and unfettered gonads at her disposal, by an irresponsible, attention grubbing, media whoring, mother, hell-bent to be herself on the limelight and the center of attention?!?!

The choices are indeed bleak, when someone who's backstabbed Republicans and conservatives time and again, John McCain, seems to many conservatives the only viable option as the lesser of all evils!

It is a sad day indeed, when the choices the electorate of this nation, in its ignorance, banality, and fickleness, has brought upon itself, is that between such as "Huckleberry Hound" Huckabee, McCain a political backstabber who's often sided with the democrats and whose sell-out immigration policy would be a disaster for our nation, Obama a man with no merits other than being able to speak in other than Ebonics, and a woman who has not even been able to make her marriage work as a wife...much less preside over a nation!


Posted by Althor at February 6, 2008 12:04 AM

They should be careful what they agitate for. A mass extinction would wipe out our high-tech society and the survivors wouldn't have the leisure time to be activists.

Posted by: Uncle Fester at February 6, 2008 12:26 PM

Quote: "They should be careful what they agitate for. A mass extinction would wipe out our high-tech society and the survivors wouldn't have the leisure time to be activists."

Posted by: Uncle Fester at February 6, 2008 12:26 PM

Not only that Uncle Fester, but they won't be able to sit down any more at their local Starbucks and sip their hip "$8.00 Lattes" (which you can buy from any Cuban coffee shop in Miami for $0.75, by the way, and are called "cortaditos"
by the locals, and pretend to resolve all the world's woes from the comfort of their plush seats, spewing hot air like Al Gore (assuredly the major source of "global warming", while the rest of us have to really go out there and deal with the problems and the real world! Talk about "Elitism"!

That failed presidential hypocrite, John Edwards, is a perfect example of this "Elitist" secularist,
liberal, democratic, breed - pretending to care for the poor and others - when as a consolation, after conceding his defeat, Edwards went to indulge himself with another of his $400.00 hair-cuts - while sucking on his thumb... even as so many working men and women and their families in America, on that same day, had to contend themselves with a store-brand $0.34 Mac and Cheese dinners in order to have any dinner that night!!! Talk about hypocrisy...Democrat hypocrites!


Posted by: Althor at February 6, 2008 11:09 PM

Great to see you back in action - raising hell with the moonbats, as usual.....

Posted by: Richard at February 11, 2008 3:31 PM

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