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February 22, 2008

Kosovo A First Step For Islam's 'Balkinization' Of The World

Topics: Understanding Islam

Oh how slow the West is to recognize that divide and conquer, "Balkanization," has always been a key element in bringing down countries and with a global Islamic war, each country with a Muslim minority, natively converted or imported, is on the same track as Yugoslavia:

... Even as the world rushes to embrace the newly manufactured Kosovo as a country, the rise of a splinter Muslim country in Europe can't help but give hope to Islamic terrorists fighting to create breakaway states in Thailand, the Philippines, Israel, India and Kenya among many others.

... What Hitler did with the Volksdeutsche, ethnic Germans, across Eastern Europe, his former Muslim allies are doing across the world with Muslim populations. With the Volksdeutsche, before a single soldier of the Reich even set foot in a country, the Volksdeutsche would radicalize and foment unrest that would either carve up the target country or justify military intervention to "liberate" them. When the country was conquered, the Volksdeutsche would quickly become occupation forces.

... With Islamists from the Muslim Brotherhood to the Ayatollahs either being direct allies of Hitler or influenced by Nazism, it's no surprise that Muslims have adopted Nazi tactics and Kosovo and its Muslim population that had formerly collaborated with the Nazis, is their greatest victory, a Muslim state carved out of the heart of Europe through ethnic cleansing, with the world's approval.

... Time and time again, Muslims continue to transform nation after nation into Czechoslovakia, convincing the world that there will be peace if a country is carved up and they are given a peace. Yet even as Western Europe itself is being balkanized, its leaders give little thought that tomorrow's Kosovo is Paris or London or Oslo. That the sacrifices for tomorrow's peace will come from their own territory

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Posted by Abdul at February 22, 2008 7:49 AM

And all that is the desired result of American foreign politics...
Perhaps one day America will find it wasn't such a good idea to contribue to lessen their allies of Europe; that it wasn't such a good idea to aid and help jihad...
(Remember the Bush administration is one of the most powerful influences to put Turkey and hundreds of millions of turkish muslim into Europe - that is : to kill Europe, pure and simple.)

Posted by: Oliver at February 28, 2008 12:41 PM

Unfortunately, Oliver's example of Turkey, is but one of numerous sources of Muslim influx into Europe, to its detriment. Uncontrolled immigration by Muslims has and will continue to be the most significant defeat of a civilization by a foreign power - Islam.

Posted by: Richard at February 28, 2008 3:20 PM

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