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February 2008

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February 29, 2008

Question Of The Day
'Hope' Is Not A Foreign Policy
Hillary Puts Out Ad For McCain
'Canada Moment' From Dem Debate Meets CCTV Bombshell: Barack Obama's Double-Dealing on NAFTA
Barack Hussein Obama, Hussein, And Al-Qeida
ABC 'Hearts' Radical Islam

February 28, 2008

New York Times - 'All the ridiculous stuff you read on the Internet that's fit to print... '
Fox's John Gibson On Criticizing The Messiah

February 27, 2008

Obama - Naive To A Scary Extreme
Even More Reasons To Think Hard Before Considering A Vote For Obama

February 26, 2008

Wisconsin's Voter Fraud Report Points To Major Political Party
Ten More Reasons To Do A Triple Take Before Considering Obama For President
On Money Trails And Campaign Trails 101: 'Obama, Rezko, Auchi, And Saddam'

February 22, 2008

This Guy Obama Is A Scary Dude!
Kosovo A First Step For Islam's 'Balkinization' Of The World
Rear Adm. Norman Saunders: 'We know far more in the United States about what Britney Spears is doing than we know about the issues.'
Memo To 'Star Wars' Naysayers
Scary People: The Left And The Naive Middle

February 21, 2008

Al-Qaeda: hunting down beggars and mentally disabled

February 13, 2008

The Chadian Talibans

February 11, 2008

Obama Rejects Wearing Of American Flag But Has No Problem With Campaign Displaying Che Guevara Flag
Marine 'Peace Sign'
Bush's Solution To Protecting Our Border: 'Give $1.4 Billion To Mexico'

February 6, 2008

The Next Mass Extinction: Also Bush's Fault???

February 2, 2008

There Are Scandals, And Then There Are Clinton Scandals Which Are In A League All Their Own
The Nature Of The Enemy We Face
U.S. Taxpayer Dollars Shipped To Iran By UN
Islamist 'Mole' Continues To Be Allowed To Be Well Placed In Pentagon