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January 15, 2008

Pakistan does not control Islamic terrorists

Topics: Islam And The War On Terror, Terrorism
Pakistan's premier military intelligence agency has lost control of some of the networks of Pakistani militants it has nurtured since the 1980s, and is now suffering the violent blowback of that policy, two former senior intelligence officials and other officials close to the agency say. [...] The growing strength of the militants, many of whom now express support for Al Qaeda's global jihad, presents a grave threat to Pakistan's security, as well as NATO efforts to push back the Taliban in Afghanistan. American officials have begun to weigh more robust covert operations to go after Al Qaeda in the lawless border areas because they are so concerned that the Pakistani government is unable to do so.

Anyway, Musharraf has already denied that possibility warning that any US operation there against Al-Qaeda or Taliban terrorists will be considered as an invasion.

This is worrying Great Britain in particular, who is considering the possibility of having one million immigrants from Lybia -who have already stated they are going to go to Britain to search for a new life- and whose MI5 says it cannot control the number of UK Pakistani Muslims who go to Pakistan and return (more than 1.000 per day):

An average of some 400,000 Pakistani Brits a year fly back to the old country for vacation or to visit their relatives. From the airports in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, where they land, side trips to the madrassas -- Koranic schools -- where they were originally radicalized, or to a terrorist training camp in the tribal areas that straddle the Pakistani-Afghan border, go undetected.
There is no way to keep track of thousands of passengers arriving from the United Kingdom every day. Nor can MI5 cope with up to 1,000 a day returning to their U.K. homes from trips to Pakistan.

And it's normal they are worried: among other things, the Pakistani city of Peshawar is where the Deobandi's main madrassa is located, madrassa which is known as "the University of Jihad". And the extremist Deobandi sect manages around 600 mosques of the approx. 1.300 madrassas that exist in Great Britain.

This is worsened even more by the lack of control in the Pakistani-Afghan border and the Taliban terrorists stationed there to attack US and NATO troops in the area. According to Raschid Shah, a Taliban leader in the zone:

"We don't need money," he continued. "We have some. The population directly finances our war effort. And we also get grants from countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. They give money to our Koranic schools. Lots of money; which allows us to buy weapons. What we want is to liberate Afghanistan from Americans. And then we will liberate our country of pro-U.S. governments, such as Musharraf's."

Posted by Eurabian at January 15, 2008 3:17 PM

It appears that no one controls Islamists:

78 dead in Holy Procession of Ashura.,2933,324026,00.html

Posted by: Saturnlia at January 19, 2008 3:03 PM

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