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December 2, 2007

More 'Teddy Mo'

Topics: Understanding Islam

Mohammed the teddy bear is now for sale on Ebay!

Oops - now "listing unavailable," as we should have expected. Musn't offend sensitive Islamist sensitivities!


Via Egyptian Sandmonkey, who calls it "The inevtiable conclusion to Teddy Mo" ...

No problem, though. You can still get this Teddy Mo ..., albeit there's no sword and bin-Laden type hat. Or better yet - how about a "Mohammed Wets a lot"?


You guessed it - there's a great potential here for a whole new line of Mohammed-licensed products that generate new revenue opportunities and build bridges to the Islamic community.

Conversely, this represents a unique opportunity for Islam to communicate the tenets of its belief system to the traditional American community.

It's a win-win situation.


See more Mo-toy ideas, here ... (HT - "Hancock" via Egyptian Sandmonkey.)

On the serious side, let's not forget that moderate-secular Muslims are speaking out (in addition to Egyptian Sandmonkey and The Sudanese Thinker - links) against the teddy bear insanity of the Sudanese government and their associated clerics.

On the other hand ..., not enough.

Readers will find an excellent background on the story behind the story at "British Teacher : Irrationality rules in Sudan." [The parents, the majority of whom are Muslims, appear to be more rational than most other people involved and have gone on record to say they "never had any objection to the name of the teddy bear".]

Hopes rise over realease of British teacher by Sudanese president
Mohammed the Teddy Bear (Update III)
Teddy Bear Case Exposes Failure of American Feminist Leaders.

Posted by Richard at December 2, 2007 8:54 PM

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