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December 31, 2007

Anti-Military Lawyer Charged With Damaging Marine's Car On Eve of Deployment (Updated)

Topics: Our Nation's Warriors in the war on terror

BlackFive has the story of a United States Marine that's being screwed over by a anti-war liberal nut in Chicago that happens to be an attorney. The guy keyed Marine Sgt Mike McNulty's car when he saw the military plates and decals, and said, "you think you can do whatever you want with Department of Defense license plates and tags"! (In Illinois you can purchase veteran, Marine, or medal plates. Mike has Illinois Marine Corps license plates.) During an exchange after the SOB was caught, the anti-war liberal, Islamofacist-loving, nutjob made additional anti-military comments. Strangely, the guy is Jewish and tried playing the victim card like the Islamotards do who want to destroy Israel, saying that the only reason he was accused is because he's Jewish).

The guy trying to screw-over the Marine is Chicago lawyer Jay R. Grodner, who owns a law firm in the city and has offices in the suburbs. As UrbanGrounds points out, Grodner is likely to get away with it because he's a f*****g shady-ass lawyer, and Sgt. McNulty is being deployed back to Iraq for his second tour and won't be around to go to court.

BlackFive is encouraging everyone to pass this story on to anyone you know that might be able to help. Contact him if you have any information or ideas that can help this Sgt. McNulty put the screws to this liberal asshole, and get him charged with a felony instead of sticking it to a Marine.

Meanwhile, whimp Grodner is doing his lawyerly best to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. Grodner's site is now down (the cowardly SOB has turned tail and ran) and his contact phone numbers aren't working.

Ace has an update: Scumbag-Lawyer-Keying-Marine's-Car Update: Sweet

Commenter PeteSpeer offers some good suggestions, below.

Posted by Mike in Iraq at December 31, 2007 12:11 PM

The Bar Association Disciplinary Committee is to the protection of the offended as the Better Business Bureau is to the protection of the consumer --

Not at all.

I tried to get recourse from them for malfeasance on the part of a lawyer, and after eighteen months the lawyer got a whitewash.

And you are right, the association of ASA present and former will do everything to get the offense downgraded to misdemeanor. They know that the felony woill get the cat disbarred, and that they do not want.

Get the name of the ASA who handled the case and gave that advice to the Sergeant. He deserves the same type of publicity.

Also, get this in the main stream media. And call Dave Savini or Chuck Goudie.

Second, with the Mayor having a kid in the rangers he may have some sympathy.

Posted by: petespeer at December 31, 2007 1:21 PM

Good advice, Petespeer. Have you sent this to BlackFive?

Posted by: Abdul at January 1, 2008 12:34 AM

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