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December 8, 2007

Americans Not Buying What NIE Analysts Tried To Sell Us - 'Stupid Intelligence' (Updated)

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Several days ago I noted that the new assessment by American intelligence agencies concluding that Iran halted its nuclear weapons program in 2003 and that the program remains frozen - contradicting judgment two years ago that Tehran was working relentlessly toward building a nuclear bomb, left me with the spine-tingling feeling that not only does something smack of political agenda on the part of our intelligence community - again, but also that it was "more than a little bit" of a leap to judgment based upon what surely Iran wanted us to believe and possibly contributed to (taqiyya). After all, we've been down this road before when our "intelligence community" failed to "connect the dots" to prevent the terrorist attacks of 9/11 in what must rank among the worst intelligence failures in American history.

Now there's a new poll that proves most Americans feel the same way. Clearly, Americans haven't been "snowed" by the NIE report - "written by three anti-Bush partisan hacks (HT - Ace)," and according to the latest Rasmussen Report, only 18% of American voters believe that Iran has halted its nuclear weapons program - which is about the percentage of Americans that live in the whacky world of the far Left (just a guess, no data or link to back this up) - Democrats all.

On the other hand, reality-based Americans believe as Allen Dershowitz does, who calls it the stupidest intelligence assessment he has ever read:

Whatever the agenda and whatever the motive this report may well go down in history as one of the most dangerous, misguided and counterproductive intelligence assessments in history. It may well encourage the Iranians to move even more quickly in developing nuclear weapons. If the report is correct in arguing that the only way of discouraging Iran from developing nuclear weapons is to maintain international pressure, then the authors of the report must surely know that they have single-handedly reduced any incentive by the international community to keep the pressure up.

If Neville Chamberlain weren't long dead I would wonder whether he had a hand in writing this "peace in our time" intelligence fiasco.

Continue reading: Stupid Intelligence ...

Like John Bolton says: "U.S. intelligence services were seeking to influence political policy-making with their assessment Iran had halted its nuclear arms program in 2003, former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations," and the NIE report is nothing more than politics disguised as intelligence."

HT to Ace who has additional commentary.

Related reading (via Ace): No One Is Buying The-Staged-For-Media NIE, Restructure Our Intelligence Community - "... if Americans knew the CIA under Clinton gave Iran the designs to build a nuclear trigger they would realize that Iran did not need that much 'design' anyway. They understand the program the NIE addresses is one to design a nuke to fit onto missiles. It is not to design a bomb that can fit in a car or truck and be driven into Jerusalem."

Posted by Richard at December 8, 2007 1:45 PM

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