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December 11, 2007

16-year Old Canadian Girl Strangled To Death By Father For Not Wearing a Hijab (Updated)

Topics: Understanding Islam

... and the ultra-left Toronto Star is actually trying to whitewash this story.

aqsa4.jpgThe nightmare of sharia is alive and well in Canada, and Aqsa Parvez is dead.

As a fellow student of Aqsa told the National Post:

''She wanted to live her life the way she wanted to, not the way her parents wanted her to. She just wanted to be herself, honestly she just wanted to show her beauty, and not be pushed around by her parents telling her what she has to be like, what she has to do. Nobody would want to do that.'' - Krista Garbhet

''She stayed at my house for a bit because she didn't want to go home .... But I understood because I know parents, they can overreact sometimes ... She was at my house just a few days ago, and it doesn't really help. She was the nicest person ... she was the nicest girl. And all she wanted was to be herself. She wanted peace with her family, she did. She wanted to make them happy but she wanted to be herself at the same time. I don't think there's nothing wrong with that, she has the right to do that. But her parents didn't think so. She didn't really like to talk about it. She said that she was having trouble with her parents and my mom let her in because she understood.'' - Alicia Looby

As Ayaan, a commenter at the above linked National Post article, writes:

aqsa2.jpg(Aqsa's "personal photo" at right from The National Post)

... a typical fundamentalist Islamic honour killing. In Pakistan this would receive a light sentence only because the father 'owns' the daughter, and his honour of his family is dependent on strict male dominated codes of conduct. Like female genital mutilation, it is widespread and enforced by the entire family and the Sharia courts.

It is inexcusable in Canada, and the full weight of the law should be brought to bear on the father and brother without regard to "cultural

sensitivities". It is wrong to tolerate murder masked by 7th century traditions. NO SHARIA in Canada!!

"NO SHARIA in Canada!!" It's about time we all say no sharia anywhere in the West - period! And as Ayaan goes on to offer later at the same National Post piece - "Not now, not ever."

Muslims need to learn to adapt to the ways of Western civilization and the modern world - especially if they are going to live in the West.

Update: Apparently, Mississauga, Ontario - the town the girl lived in, is a big-time hot bed of radical Islam.

Posted by Richard at December 11, 2007 1:23 PM

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