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November 11, 2007

Why Is It That Journalists Are So Gullible About Greenhouse Gases Causing Dangerous Global Warming?

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

Gore%20on%20fire.jpgThat's a question that "ReasonMcLucus," a poster at asks, and that I've been asking myself ever since former V.P. Gore (he makes me want to puke) came out with his movie.

As "Reason" notes: The idea that individual CO2 molecules can actually radiate enough energy to heat anything sounds so ridiculous that it's hard to understand how any logical person could believe it.

Quincunx, a commenter at the post, offers:

(Journalists) are not interested in truth; they are interested in controversy. In this instance, they have entered an unholy alliance with politicians who are also not interested in truth; they are interested in power. Both parties have relied on the ignorance of the general public to manufacture a horror story, knowing this approach to be a reliable way to capture attention and sell newspapers. A few publicity-oriented individuals who work in the fields of mathematical modelling of complex systems, and of climatology have been silly enough to lend their names and reputations to the scheme. The rest is a froth of wild and hysterical speculation, exaggeration, opportunism, exploitation, and bullying. It will pass, and another freak show will hit town to alarm and amaze us for a few weeks or months. We really are such silly monkeys.
"Silly monkeys," indeed!

Interesting timing for ReasonMcLucus's post, today, as once again, skeptics are raising more doubts on global warming. Yet, surely journalists will continue to ignore the fact that there is no one who can prove what amount of global warming (1 degree Celsius since 1845) is natural and what is not. As for CO2, it is a lagging indicator for global warming and not its cause.

Posted by Richard at November 11, 2007 11:01 PM

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