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November 27, 2007

Mysterious Youths Of Undefined Association Still Rioting In France As Media Refuse To Use The 'M-Word'

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France_riots_27nov07_eng_195.jpgWe are now entering 3 days of rioting ( 77 Police Officers Injured in Paris- Rioters Using Shotguns!) and the M-word is still not being used in the media. And having just watched Fox News report on the rioting in France by Muslim youths of mostly North African dissent, I'm amazed at how both print and broadcast media go to such great lengths to avoid telling the truth about perpetrators of violence when Muslims are involved, and how insanely and unreasonably they react to even an accident. Even though almost 100% of the violence in the world today is perpetuated by followers of the Islamic faith, and roughly 0% is initiated by followers of any other, the media continuously choses to lead us to believe that it is almost normal for "youths" of "undefined affiliation" to spontaneously react to an accident with violence and mayhem. And such is the case again in France:

Two teenage "Youths" are killed in a crash involving their cross-country motorbike and a police car in a north Paris suburb, and all hell breaks loose. Gangs torch cars and loot shops and buildings in the north Paris suburb of Villiers-le-Bel - injuring 25 police officers, and torch two garages, a petrol pump, two shops, set fire to more than 20 cars, and pillage the railway station in neighbouring Arnouville, and in spite of the fact that this is the standard behavior of the "youths" of the particular ideology behind this "rage" event and what has become countless others just like it, the media is once again burying the fact that these are Muslim youths reacting to any excuse that comes along that provides them an opportunity to raise havoc and destroy property.
However, isn't this what we've all come to expect from this particular "community"? As Ben Snook notes in Bits and News - referring to the ongoing rioting in the French suburb of Villiers-le-Bel, a more reasonable and level-headed community (and one in which rumor was not the chief conveyor of information) may have mourned the unfortunate incident and moved on. France's north African community in Villiers-le-Bel, however, resorted to the only form of expression it understands, and started setting fire to things:
[...] if your travel agent suggested you spend a few weeks absorbing the atmosphere in the pleasant-sounding Villiers-le-Bel, you would probably not be averse to the idea. If you were to take him up on his suggestion, however, the atmosphere you would be absorbing would be less characterised by effortless chic and the wafting smell of freshly cooked crêpes than it would by angry north Africans brandishing bricks and metal bars and the acrid stench of freshly ignited cars. You can put any images you may have had of elegant eighteenth-century architecture, outstanding food and gently rustling avenues containing booksellers and philosophers out of your mind. Villiers-le-Bel has become Paris's Compton.

Unlike the Los Angeles riots, however, it doesn't take a police officer beating up a motorist to get the African community in Paris on the warpath. In 2005, two African teenagers trying to escape from police investigating a break in chose to hide in an electricity substation. It is no great shock (no pun intended) to learn that they were killed by huge electric shocks. This, however, was enough to spark the most serious riots in France since 1968. Minority communities - mostly of north African origin - rose in quasi-revolution throughout the country prompting a state of emergency to be declared.

The death of the teenagers was certainly the catalyst for the violence, but it was not at the root of it. France is famed and much-respected in Europe for its absolute and uncompromising separation of Church and State. The ban on the wearing of religious symbols (including headscarves) in schools and in civil service jobs is something which did not sit well at all with the conservative Muslim north African community. Whilst poverty and social disenfranchisement were certainly factors (and it must not be forgotten that non-Muslim residents of the suburbs, not wanting to feel left out, also joined in the rioting), arguably the most significant element in the unrest was a desire by a largely Muslim community to attack one of the most fundamental pillars upon which French society is constructed. The arrogance of that, when one thinks aobut it, is astonishing.

[...] Today, the Africans are at it once more. Again, it is the deaths of two youths that has sparked the riots off. The teenagers, who were not wearing helmets, hit a police car while travelling at high speed on a motorcycle which was not registered for use on the street. Inevitably, the involvement of the police has led some to suggest, somewhat incredibly, that the authorities may have, for some reason, orchestrated the incident. A more reasonable and level-headed community (and one in which rumour was not the chief conveyor of information) may have mourned the unfortunate incident and moved on. France's north African community in Villiers-le-Bel, however, resorted to the only form of expression it understands, and started setting fire to things.

In the ensuing violence, six police officers were seriously injured and are in critical condition in hospital; tens of thousands of Euros' worth of damage has been caused; and the reputation of France's north African community has been blighted further.

The irony of the whole situation is that France is a remarkably tolerant country, by European standards. It has the largest Muslim population in western Europe (far larger, incidentally, than the more vocal and often demonised Muslim population in Britain) and has a repuation for promoting interfaith co-operation and relations. The actions of the north African communities in Paris's suburbs smack of arrogance and short-sightedness: they are rioting for the sake of it. Most concerning of all, though, is the their naivety. Their selfish, foolish and vain actions could seriously endanger one of the most successful paradigms racial harmony in Europe. Vive la différence for now; but for how much longer?

Snook has characterized the situation in France for what it is: "The actions of the north African communities in Paris's suburbs smack of arrogance and short-sightedness: they are rioting for the sake of it." The questions for France, and indeed - all of Western civilization, is how long this will be tolerated and Muslims will be given excuse after excuse for acting like they belong in the Middle Ages - and should we fail to stop kowtowing to Muslim demands, are we willing to join them in living in the Middle Ages?

Readers will find more of what Ben Snook has to say about the Muslim youth riots at: Rioting in France as Racial Tensions Run High

And let's not forget that America, with growing North African Muslim communities of our own, is headed in the same direction as Europe:

"... The barbarians are truly in the gates and American businesses like Tyson in Emporia, Swift in Lincoln, Nebraska and Opryland and Dell Computers in Nashville, Tennessee are facilitating this influx of Somali Islamists in America's heartland." (via Atlas Shrugs)
Meanwhile, I have close Muslim friends here in the U.S. who graduated from American universities and are contributing members to our society, who came to America legally and who have assimilated well into our culture and society, who are still waiting to hear the outcome of their immigration cases after almost two years.
Something isn't right when Mexicans can sneak across our border and get away with staying here and the Clintonistas can arrange for their friends at Tyson Foods to bring in North Aftican Muslims from Somalia who are likely to be Islamists, but mainstream Muslims who have embraced America aren't able to get a fair shake from our government.
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Posted by Abdul at November 27, 2007 11:55 AM

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