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November 13, 2007

Egyptian Blogger Being Tortured In Prison

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Student blogger Abdel Karim Soliman, now known as Karim Amer, who was jailed for "disdain for religion" and "insulting the president" on his blog, is reportedly being tortured by Egypt's prison authorities:

... sentenced to prison for 4 years for 'vilifying religions' and defaming the president was tortured & that was ordered and
supervised by an investigation officer in Borg Alarab prison. Karim was
also ordered into a solitary cell where he was assaulted again and had
one of his teeth broken; this assault's date came to mark one year
since Karim was sent to jail.
Karim's story began almost a year ago, when Abdel Kareem wrote a blog post describing the prestigious Islamic University of Al Azhar - where he was enrolled a student - as "the other face of Al Qaeda." When a copy of Karim's post was forwarded to the Al Azhar administrators, they set up a disciplinary hearing:
During that hearing, they confronted Kareem with what he wrote about the university and about Islam in general (he had, among other posts, written one comparing The Prophet Mohammed and Ariel Sharon, and favoring Ariel Sharon as the better human being) He admitted to his writing unapologetically, and started to accuse them of suppressing his freedom of speech and conducting a Middle Age-style inquisition against him.

That same day Kareem was expelled from Al Azhar University.

A few days later, a university official went to the police and filed a police report accusing Abdel Kareem of insulting Islam and general contempt for religion.

Egyptian Sandmonkey says that with the exception of those who believe in human rights, who is gonna defend him?
A guy who insulted the prophet getting tortured? The public response is gonna be : "Good. That's exactly the kind of person who should be tortured! Make an example out of him." God knows that the day of his sentencing, and I was there for the majority of the trial, the public outside were debating how he should be killed.
And the most telling part of all?
It is to mention that Karim since he was imprisoned is subjected to a systemic discriminatory practice and maltreatment in Borg Alarb prison
on the hands of the prison's officers. He mentioned to his lawyer that
the maltreatment was always coupled with this phrase "This is until you
do change your mind"!!
In other words, be a nice little Muslim and don't complain about Islam or the government, or we'll torture you to death!

So, where's the international outcry from Muslims and non-Muslims alike?

Posted by Abdul at November 13, 2007 10:59 AM

"So, where's the international outcry from Muslims and non-Muslims alike?"

You seem to be forgetting the fact that his coalition is led primarily by Muslims.

And the international outcry? You seem to be forgetting that there were 17 rallies held in 17 cities all over the world this past Friday demanding Kareem's freedom. It's the 3rd worldwide rally in less than a year.

What you should be asking is why no one is reporting it.

Pictures and details at

Posted by: Free Kareem Coalition at November 14, 2007 5:23 AM

Does the term "Muslims and non-Muslims alike" not include everyone? And by "international outcry," surely the media is included, is it not?

I don't see where anyone is "forgetting" anything here, and yes, I would expect Muslims to be leading the coalition. As for no one reporting on Kareem, I thought I just did. Are blogs not an important element of our media today and are they not the impetus to many stories being covered?

Posted by: Abdul at November 14, 2007 7:13 AM

This is a clarification:

"So, where's the international outcry from Muslims and non-Muslims alike?"

This implies that there is no outcry from either Muslims or non-Muslims; when in fact quite a lot of people are making noise about this issue. Egypt is surely aware of how this news is being received worldwide.

The only thing lacking is the mainstream coverage of the "outcry" that is taking place. Many people and international organizations are taking action for Kareem. Their efforts should not be undermined and unnoticed.

Posted by: Free Kareem Coalition at November 14, 2007 8:17 AM

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