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November 27, 2007

America Importing Jihad Via State Department-Sanctioned Muslim Immigration

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues
"Since 1983 200,000 Muslims have immigrated here via the refugee program and they have brought their extended families. And they are having lots of babies. And no one is following this with the exception of a few extraordinary individuals.

... The barbarians are truly in the gates and American businesses like Tyson in Emporia, Swift in Lincoln, Nebraska and Opryland and Dell Computers in Nashville, Tennessee are facilitating this influx of Somali Islamists in America's heartland."

Scary, indeed! America is headed where France has already arrived:
We in America cloak ourselves in a certain smugness. While we look down at what our European counterparts have done with their continent - abandoning it to Muslim immigration in pursuit of of a Euro/Arab axis (Eurabia), we delude ourselves into believing we are different. They drove their countries to absolute ruination in two generations and we won't.

Take little comfort. The jihad is coming quietly to American by the intentional building of Muslim populations in small to medium American cities. Whole communities are being importing from countries like Somalia with the tacit approval of the State Department and the complicity of companies like Clintonista backed Tyson Foods.

Its always a shock to people when they first find out how Refugee Resettlement works. Ann and Judy over at Refugee Resettlement Watch started working on it last spring when they learned that the Virginia Council of Churches had been bringing mostly Muslim refugees into their county in western Maryland (entirely paid for by the Federal government) When no one would explain to them how this could happen they set out to figure it out on their own... consequently they blog. They managed to stop further resettlement in Hagerstown (their county seat) through a vigorous grassroots campaign. Ann has provided me with all of this devastating intel. Once again the individual saves the day.

Check the numbers. 70,000 Somalis have been brought through Refugee Resettlement and they are having babies, fast and furiously. Further, they can and do bring family members who are not refugees. But, an even bigger number is the Bosnians----over 100,000 (mostly Muslim).

What is happening in many places is secondary migration. The non-profit group that resettles them is only responsible for their whereabouts for 4 months, so naturally certain nationalities are joining others of their kind in certain parts of the country.

Continue reading: Importing the Jihad: Massive Muslim Immigration

Question of the day: Why are our tax dollars paying for our collective national suicide?

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Posted by Abdul at November 27, 2007 12:22 AM

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