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November 28, 2007

ACLU's War On Christmas Comes Up Short In Fort Collins

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As John Bambenek points out, "the ACLU's War on Christmas begins earlier and earlier every year." But this year, what they tried to do in Fort Collins, Colorado didn't turn out the way they expected:

... the city council decided to revise their policies to honor appropriately the holiday that almost ninety percent of America celebrates as Christmas. A task force was drawn up, given their task, and put to work.

Like most task forces set up by governing bodies, the result is only as good as the people you put in charge. In this case, the head of the ACLU in Fort Collins was tasked with running the committee. The result was obviously predictable.

The task force recommended no Christmas lights, no recognition of Christmas, no use of the colors red and green, no Christmas trees, and to otherwise squelch anything even remotely connected to Christmas. Instead, they suggested decorations of icicles and prominent use of the color brown. In short, they suggested returning Christmas to its millennia old pagan roots.

At the city council meeting to vote on the proposal, hundreds of people showed up to voice their concern (instead of the 10-15 people who usually show up) and the proposal was shot down 6-1.

In spite of the ACLU's efforts of intimidation didn't work on the citizens of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Watch the video of O'Reilly covering the topic - at Fort Collins Say(s) No To ACLU's Anti-Christmas

Posted by Richard at November 28, 2007 7:04 PM

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