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October 2007

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October 31, 2007

March 11th bombings

October 22, 2007

Why Islamic Fascists Get A Free Pass On Hate Speech
Mainstream Media And Leftist-Islamist Axis Join In Attack Against Common Sense And Survival Of Western Civilization
Sound Advice From A Neurotic Iraqi Wife
Looking For The Latest Dumb Blonde Joke ? Try Valerie Plame ...
River of tears - not: 'British Prevent al-Qaeda Supporter From Visiting Sick Daughter'

October 11, 2007

About This 'Reaching Out' Crap Coming From Those Muslim 'Scholars'
Come Into My Parlor Said The Spider To The Fly (Updated)
Google 'Hearts'

October 10, 2007

"Why are the Muslim authors of the phony anti-Islamofascism flyer afraid of the having these issues discussed by the George Washington University community during Islamo Fascism Awareness Week? (Updated)
Are Islamists Worse than Other Terror Groups?

October 9, 2007

Sex-ed for kindergarteners?
Chris Mathews Stomped Into Laughing Stock
Dhimmitude 101: Islamotards Give It The Ole College Try, And A Leftist Administration Supports Them
Study Suggests New Pill Is Better Than Traditional Chemotherapy
Iranian students attack 'fascist Ahmadinejad' ?
Our Treasonous Media And The Treasonous Government Employees That Feed Them
Another Cause of Islam's Image Problem
Obama as JFK and Jesus?

October 8, 2007

'Automatic Confession" in the Catholic Church?

October 7, 2007

Haditha: A Story Of The Media - Our Enemy Within

October 3, 2007

Stem Cells Can Prompt Metastasis In Cancer