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September 4, 2007

Suspected Illegal Aliens Escaped Immigration Raid At Koch Foods By Hiding In Plant

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

There's apparently new insight into the immigration raid at Koch Foods poultry plant last Tuesday in Fairfield, Ohio. It seems that when Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents pulled 161 suspected illegal aliens from the plant, they didn't find all of them, and for good reason. The illegal aliens they didn't find were hiding inside the plant.

Interestingly, although illegal aliens are able to hide inside the Koch plant, the company claims in a statement on their website that they are cooperating with ICE and:

Koch Foods is fully cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who today executed searches at company facilities in Fairfield, Ohio and Park Ridge, IL.

As part of our standard employment process, we require employees to provide documentation in accordance with the law, and we have implemented a program to audit this documentation. Additionally, we are in the process of implementing a company-wide program through the Department of Homeland Security verification system to ensure that all of our workers are fully documented and eligible to work.

And what do the illegal alien family members of the illegal alien workers say about their documentation?
... The husband of Maria Mendez Gonzales was one of the workers hiding. She didn't know if he was in jail or being deported.

... Agents failed to find her husband and he's still in hiding, fearing he'll eventually be sent back home.

... Maria and her husband are from Guatemala. With no job at home, she admits she snuck into the U.S., actually walking across the Arizona border (Yep, it's just that easy when the U.S. government doesn't protect its borders).

She paid $2,000 for a ride to Cincinnati. Her husband was already here, and knew to go to the "chicken company" for work, Koch Foods.

There she says her husband presented an Ohio ID card and a fake social security card he bought for $150.

He's now been an employee at Koch for three years.


Posted by Abdul at September 4, 2007 10:02 AM

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