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September 22, 2007

Spanish Muslims' website defends Iranian right to have nukes

Topics: Dhimmitude, Eurabia, Iran

Spanish Muslims' website WebIslam has published an article in which they defend the right of Iran to have nuclear weapons, quoting Le Pen. During 2007 and, in particular, when he was candidate to French Presidency, Le Pen defended several times the right of Iran to have a civil nuclear program. Again this same summer'07, in an interview with a Moroccan newspaper, stated: "I don't know how we can deprive of this right (nuclear right) to a country whose leaders have expressed in a clear language their intention of using nuclear energy peacefully".

Yeah, very peaceful, specially regarding Israel, country which, according to the same website, should dismantle its nuclear arsenal to "diminish the danger of a nuclear confrontation".

Posted by Eurabian at September 22, 2007 4:44 PM

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