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September 2007

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September 29, 2007

Liberal Laws Placed Iraq Terrorist's Privacy Rights Over Lives Of 3 Lost US Soldiers

September 27, 2007

Alcohol Intake Triggers Breast Cancer

September 25, 2007

Bolton On Why Columbia University Was Wrong

September 22, 2007

Al Qaeda calls for the cleansing of French and Spanish nationals from Maghreb
Spanish Muslims' website defends Iranian right to have nukes

September 19, 2007

Stranger Than Fiction: Noseless Man Among Kidnappers of California Woman Dumped in Mexico

September 17, 2007

That Israeli Raid On Syria: A 'Clear Message For Iran'?
The Blackwater Incident In Iraq
An "Anti-Propaganda" Opinion: 'Islam versus the free world'

September 16, 2007

Greenspan Has It All Wrong
Planned Parenthood Awaiting Permission To Open 'Super-Butchery In Aurora Illinois On Tuesday

September 15, 2007

What Secret Israeli Raid On North Korean Shipment Of Nuclear Materials To Syria?

September 13, 2007

Michigan Man Caught With AK-47 In Dearborn Park Is Radical Islamist/Blogger/Doctor-in-Training (Updated)
The Good News Is That Saudi Women Are Demanding Right To Drive - The Bad News May Come If They Get It
On 'Love-bombing' al-Qaeda Into Submission
Russian Muslims vs Orthodox Church

September 12, 2007

Israel Struck Syrian Nuclear Sites
Was Beslan Just 'The Beginning'?
Tangerine Peel Kills Certain Human Cancer Cells
High School Bans American Flag (Updated)
Iran Refuses To Halt Uranium Enrichment

September 10, 2007

U.S. Congress 'Goes Nuts' Over Congresswoman's Attack On 'Coward' Jack Murtha
McCain And Lieberman: 'Listening To Petraeus'
Ramadi A Stunning 'Under Reported' Success
Today's Must Read: 'How Bush Lost the War on Terror' And What Our Future Leaders Must Know (If It Isn't Too Late Already)
Liberals 'Obsessed' With Losing War In Iraq
Union Officials Buying Influence With Democrats

September 9, 2007

More on the German plot

September 8, 2007

"Radical changes" announced to EU policy...

September 7, 2007

Study Reveals New Details Of Tumor Suppressor Gene P3 Regulation
Almost Half Of Britain's Mosques Taken Over By Hardline Islamists

September 6, 2007

Islamic Web Post Warning of 'Special Gift' For U.S.
More Terrorists Being Sought In Germany

September 5, 2007

China hacking foreign Governments' computers
'Massive' Al-Qaeda Terrorist Plot Foiled In Germany (Updated)

September 4, 2007

Smokers More Likely To Develop Alzheimer's
CAIR, As Always, Busy 'CAIR-ing' For Jihad
Chinese (Still) Supplying Weapons To The Taliban (Updated)
Suspected Illegal Aliens Escaped Immigration Raid At Koch Foods By Hiding In Plant
The South Korean hostages

September 3, 2007

China's influence spreading and Brian de Palma's new film

September 1, 2007

Do The Democrats Need A Defeat In Iraq To Win In '08'?
Democratic Party Mobilizing National Anti-Troop, Anti-Victory Effort