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August 15, 2007

Online Islamist Forum Hosted in Texas Posts Guide for Kidnapping Americans

Topics: Terrorism

As Spree at Wake Up America reminds us, we've seen a number of Jihadist sites hosted right here in our own country, providing guides on the internet to make bombs and spread their propaganda. Now, MEMRI has it that they another "guide" has recently been released - this time on "How to kidnap Americans":

The popular Islamist-jihadist forum, hosted by RealWebHost in Texas, U.S., recently posted an anonymously written document from 2003 titled "The Excellent Summary of the Rules of the Art of Kidnapping Americans." The 60-page guide describes each stage of the kidnapping, explaining how to select the target and then how to follow him, seize him, transport him to a safe location, and hold him there, as well as how to conduct negotiations. The guide also explains how to execute the hostage should negotiations fail.
Read the rest at MEMRI ...

Thanks to MEMRI and numerous others, the host has apparently kicked Al Hesbah off their service.

As Rusty notes at Jawa Report: =

OrgName: Colo4Dallas LP
Address: 3000 Irving Blvd
City: Dallas
StateProv: TX
PostalCode: 75247
OrgAbusePhone: 1-214-630-3100

Al Hesbah has long been a favorite information outlet for the online jihadis, especially al Qaeda. The forum legitimizes itself by citing MSM organizations as "members" of the forum, when they are really there to monitor what the online jihadis are saying.

The guide to taking hostages itself is not actually new, it's been around since at least 2002, but it's once again making the rounds.

Checking "way back" shows this page, now no longer available.

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