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August 21, 2007

AP Suffers Another 'Misfire': Puts Out Bogus Ammo Shortage Story

Topics: Follies of the Mainstream Media

FlyingPigs5.jpgConfederate Yankee came out with a damning post last night of an Associated Press report published late Friday afternoon that stated there are ammunition shortages in some law enforcement agencies around the nation and that it was due to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Other MSMs quickly followed suit, and the bogus story gained legs.

Leftwing blogging anti-war nutcases quickly jumped on the false story with statements like, "Here's another little way the Bush doctrine is endangering our safety at home. Our local police are running out of ammo..."

One moonbat even wrote: "Now it's time to be a real american patriot. Unload your private guns and give the ammo to your next police station!" (What's this guy been smokin' ? Hell, he didn't even capitalize the A in American. It's like spittin' on my Marine Corps emblem!)

Unfortunately for the MSM, the story, like many before like it, was as about as real as a flying pig sighting.

As Confederate Yankee put it:

According to two spokesmen for the world's largest ammunition manufacturer, which runs the military's ammunition manufacturing plant and separately, is a major supplier of law enforcement ammunition, it is a massive and unexpected increase in law enforcement ammunition demand that is causing delays in law enforcement ammunition delays, not the war.

Once again, a media organization with target fixation seems to have widely missed the mark.

... it is this increased and on-going militarization of police forces and the associated training requirements that have caused the ammunition shortages experienced by some police departments, and the lack of ammunition is not related to the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq in any meaningful way.

It turns out that law enforcement demand has increased 40% while military demand has remained about the same. Read much more on the bogus AP story, and the truth, at Misfire: AP's Bogus Ammo Shortage Story

Hat tip - Ace

Posted by Mike in Iraq at August 21, 2007 9:34 AM

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