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July 2007

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July 31, 2007

As Though We Needed More Proof Europe Is Plunging Into Depravity

July 30, 2007

How Is It That Pissing On Christ Is Okay, But Dunking Koran In Toilet Is A Hate Crime ?
Researchers Identify New Genes Linked With MS
A Fitting End To Three Hours On A Runway

July 29, 2007

Pope's Secretary: 'Islam's Attempts To Islamicize West Cannot Be Denied'
Asian Cup Finals: Iraq 1, Saudi 0
Karzai: Korean Kidnappings 'Shameful' And Abducting Women 'Un-Islamic'

July 27, 2007

Link Between Breast Cancer and Hormone Therapy
U.S.S. New York - 684 ft. Of Payback For 9/11
Under The Radar
George S Patton's Speech On Iraq And The Modern World
Situation In Iraq And Elsewhere Dire For Non-Muslim Minorities
Pretending Away Jihad

July 26, 2007

Clinton Judge Strikes Hazleton Illegal Alien Law

July 25, 2007

Again We Got Nothing While Iran Gained

July 24, 2007

'Hateful' Hispanic Group Wants To Stop Spread Of Hate (as in others, not theirs)
'Painting Tumors' Helps Surgeons In Removing Cancer Cells
The Real Take-home Message From The CNN Democratic Debate
Today's Most Insignificant Announcement

July 23, 2007

Iran Arrests GPS-equipped spy squirrels
Pretending The Mullahs And Their Intentions Are Rational Doesn't Make It So

July 22, 2007

Harry Potter In The Hood
If Iran Says No, Count On Yes

July 20, 2007

Disturbing: San Diego School OKs Muslim Prayer; Sharia Law
'Surrender Media' More Interested In Reporting Politics Of Iraq Than What's Happening In Iraq
'The Democrats Who Want You Sued For Reporting Terrorism'
'Operational Control' of Border by 2013 Is Not Acceptable

July 19, 2007

Democrats Cut 'John Doe' Provision
Smiling Fools On Their Way To Hell
Do Dems "Heart" Flying Imams?
To Fallujah's Terrorists, With Love From Code Pink Via Henry Waxman

July 18, 2007

Steam explosion NYC (Video)
Where Oh Where Is The Center for Instrumented Critical Infrastructures? Ask Jack Murtha About His Earmark!
Conviction Of Border Agents 'A Case Of Prosecutorial Overreaction'
McCain's Answer To 'Reed's Folly' Not What Reed Wanted To Hear
New Combination Therapy Promotes Cancer Cell Death
Top Iraqi al-Qaida Leader In Iraq Captured
Study: Taking A Break In Middle Of Workout May Metabolize More Fat
Politicians Micro-managing War Has Always Been Formula For Disaster

July 17, 2007

Putting CAIR Back In It's Box
ABC: Middle Easterners Smuggled Across Southern Border
Two Muslim Women Arrested In Dallas After Police Standoff
The ACLU On The 'DREAM Act'

July 16, 2007

Blood On Harry's Hands
Episcopal Church Gone Wild: Now There's 'Musli-piscopalianism'
Nahoul the Bee Replaces Farfour - The Hamas Mickey Mouse: Vows to Continue His Path of Martyrdom and Jihad
Fishermen Catch Strange Living Fossil In Zanzibar
America's First Muslim Congressman Compares Bush To Hitler And Blames 9/11 On Bush
Aftermath of Red Mosque Assault Continues, As Security Situation In Pakistan Deteriorates
Hunter - Killer 'Reaper' Drones Bound For Iraq
Parents of Exonerated Haditha Marine Speak Out
Is The Recent Video Appearance Of Osama al-Qaeda-speak For 'He's History'?

July 15, 2007

Joe Kaufman Speech, ICNA Protest, July 8, 2007
Al-Qaeda Leader Behind The Red Mosque Bloodbath - And Musharraf Can Expect More To Come
WaPo Journalists: Kumbaya Awaits U.S From Al-Qaeda (Updated)

July 14, 2007

Progress By Any Other Name
Has Osama Gone In Search Of The 72?
Surely, There's A Message Here

July 13, 2007

Horror Inside The Red Mosque Calls To Question The Nature Of Muslim Extremism (Updated)
'Finally' Musharraf Declares War On 'Muslim Extremists'
Iraqi Official: Al-Qaida 'Bakes' Little Boys - Then 'Serves' Them To Family For Lunch
Monoclonal Antibody Inhibits Growth And Induces Death In Liver Cancer Cells

July 12, 2007

After Socialism
The Council on American Islamic Relations - 'CAIR-takers' of Hypocracy
More Iranian-made Weapons Uncovered In Iraq By U.S. Troops
Iran's Ahmadinejad A 'Laughing Stock'
Accepting The Realities Of "Islam's" Jihadists
Murder And Suicide By Any Other Name Is Still ....
Headline Verses Reality At BBC News On Iraq

July 11, 2007

200 Suicide Belts Captured In Truck Crossing From Syria
Researchers: Gene Therapy Eradicates Pancreatic Cancer In Preclinical Trial
The Democrats' Love For LOGO-TV: 'Pandering to Perverts 101'
'Peaceful' Group Linked To Radical Muslims
As U.S. Remains Indecisive - Time Running Out For Iran Strike'

July 10, 2007

Sausage Additive Linked To Cancer
New Intel: Al Qaeda Cell In U.S. Or On Its Way
Letter From Beleaguered Brit: 'Only After 9/11 Did The Burqas And Beards Became Popular'
Bush Administration Targets Another Border Patrol Agent
London 21/7 Bombers Failed Because 'Mastermind' Did Basic Arithmetic Wrong

July 9, 2007

Instead Of Coffee
Interpol: UK's Anti-Terrorist Effort 'In The Wrong Century'
Red On Red: 'Leader of al-Qaida front group in Iraq threatens war against Iran'
Burqa Weird: A Perspective For The Rest Of Us.
Move Over Pelosi, Cindy Wants Your Job
Opponents Of U.S. Sovereignty Plan To Sneak Agenda Around Congress
Pakistan Calls Mosque Leaders Terrorists

July 8, 2007

The Gray Lady Has A Preference For Genocide
Red Mosque Hostage Kids Tell Parents They Are Martyrs (as cleric opts out in burqa)
Iran Link In London-Glasgow Bomb Plot

July 7, 2007

Islam's Metastatic Cancer: The Death Cult
Carrying A Bible Near A Gay Festival Can Get You Arrested In Elmira, N.Y. (Updated)
Political Correctness And Lack Of Legal Power Prevent UK Police From Sacking Eight Al Qaeda Fanatics

July 6, 2007

Glasgow Airport Arrests Of Jihad Doctors (Video)
Diabetes Fight May Be Helped By New Molecular Target
L.A. Times Planning Thompson Hit Piece
Researchers Turn Stem Cells Taken From Fat Tissue Into 'Suicide genes' That Seek Out And Destroy Tumors
Help Shut Down The Taliban's Website - Again!
Iran Pursuing A Greater Iranosphere

July 5, 2007

Caption Contest
Oh Where Oh Where Could A Common Thread Be? (Updated)
High Glucose Levels Can 'Lock' body's Metabolism In A Diabetic State
Ten Year Study: Organic Food Double The Level Of Flavonoids
Flying Dragons And Dinosaur Soup
Tanveer Ahmed: Muslim Communities Must Face Uncomfortable Truths
The Islamists Global War Against Christianity (and Islam)
British or Muslim? Does One's Country Matter?
UK's Failure To Ban Islamist Group Hizb ut-Tahrir Exemplifies Failure To Carry Out Blair's Anti-terror Strategy

July 4, 2007

The Reality Of Independence Day - A Freedom Proclaimed Rather Than Won
Happy Independence Day, America

July 3, 2007

NYT Leaps To Undercut U.S. Claim That Iran And Hezbolah's Murder Of Americans
NYT Suggests Terrorist Doctor Wanted To Murder Innocent People Because He Was 'Fretful About His Welcome In English Society'
... And Make That Six Seven - Jihadi Doctors Of Death
Gay-rights Leader Finds God Looses Homosexuality

July 2, 2007

Study Raises Troubling Questions About Stem Cell Trial Design
And Then There Were 5 Jihadi Doctors (Update - Are there now 6?)
President Bush Commutes Scooter Libby's Sentence
Fat Lady Singing For John McCain
Muslim Extremism In The UK Health Service: An Iraqi Junior Doctor And A 'Brilliant' Neurologist As Jihadists (Updated - And another one makes three)
Al-Qaeda Massacres Entire Iraqi Village - Including The Animals, And The MSM Remains Silent
Former British Jihadist Says Killing In The Name Of Islam Is A 'Cancer' And Wants Muslims To Renounce Terrorism
British Infidels Shoot The Koran
Hezbollah Special Operations Officer Captured In Iraq
UK Terror Suspects Include Two Hospital Doctors

July 1, 2007

"Muslims Are Gonna Get'cha": New Lyrics To Old Gloria Estefan Conga The Latest Rave In The UK
San Diego Padres Display 'Gay Pride' For 'Family Day'