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June 13, 2007

The 3-State Solution And The New 'Hamastan'

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Hamas%20terrorist.jpgHamas' Gaza, Fatah's West Bank, and Israel makes three. (Last minute update: Hamas says it controls Gaza)

As bad as things have been, the dynamics in the Middle East are about to radically change to the worse. The two-state solution is no longer a distant pipe dream, its about to convert to a very real nightmare. And as events in Gaza unfold, we need to keep in mind that rarely does anything happen in the Middle East by accident, it's always by design - and in this case it's "design by Iran and Syria." In fact, a senior Fatah official is more explicit, having told a London-based Arab newspaper that Iran and Syria have poured millions of dollars into Hamas' coffers, and the money is being used to establish a Hamas state in the Gaza Strip:

Tehran is a serious exporter of radical Islam and scorns the so-called moderate Muslim regimes of Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan. The goal of the mullahs is to establish a Shi'ite-run Middle East.

US Under-Secretary of State Nicholas Burns told CNN Wednesday Iran is funding insurrection all across the Middle East - including the Taliban in Afghanistan, Hizb'allah in Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza.

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Tuesday that "if Gaza falls into the hands of Hamas it will have regional implications."

"Regional implications"? More like a regional disaster with very near-term implications for Israel, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, not to mention what amounts to a defeat for the U.S. juxtaposed with a victory for Iran and Syria.

Make no mistake about it. If Hamas takes control of Gaza, as it now appears will happen unless Israel and possibly the U.S. step in, Iran accomplishes a new toe-hold in its goal of taking over the Middle East. Virtually everything the U.S. has worked for all during the Clinton years up to and including GWs administration, is all for naught. And the event is dangerously close to happening. Gaza is now on the verge of becoming a Hamas State, creating a two-state Palestinian territory:

(Mideast As a senior Fatah official describes the situation, "Hamas is effectively in control of the northern part of the Gaza Strip, ... they are trying to take control of the entire Gaza Strip, and I'm afraid they are close to achieving their goal."

Many Fatah officials in those areas have fled their homes over the past few weeks for fear of being targeted by Hamas. One of them, Rashid Abu Shabak, is Fatah's highest ranking security official in the Gaza Strip. He and his family left the Gaza Strip after Hamas militiamen raided their villa in Gaza City and killed six of his bodyguards.

Dahlan left the Gaza Strip two months ago and has been living in Cairo. At least seven other top Fatah officials have sought refuge in the West Bank after receiving permission from Israel to leave the Gaza Strip.

From a Hamas-controlled Gaza, Iran and Syria have a springboard for reigning terror on Israel and accelerating the destabilization of the entire Middle East. War will spread throughout the entire region.

As noted in the JP article, all Fatah can do now is vent its anger at the remaining handful of Hamas representatives in the West Bank, since the majority of the Hamas leaders in the West Bank are in Israeli jails and the Islamic movement does not have a strong military presence there:

As of today, the Palestinians can boast that they have two entities - one in the Gaza Strip run by Muslim fundamentalists and another one in the West Bank under the control of secular Fatah leaders.

"The two-state solution has finally worked," a Palestinian journalist in the Gaza Strip commented sarcastically. "Today, all our enemies have good reason to celebrate."

As Debkafile describes what is surely a dire situation, the Mahmoud Abbas' Fatah Palestinian Authority forces face disaster, as Tehran and Syria prepare for the next war against Israel.

Their inevitable ejection from the Gaza Strip effectively severs Palestinian rule between Ramallah, where Fatah will have to fight to retain control of the West Bank and Gaza, dominated now by an Islamist Palestinian force manipulated from Tehran and Damascus.

The Iran-Syrian alliance has acquired by brute force two Mediterranean coastal enclaves in northern Lebanon and the Gaza Strip.

Its momentum, launched a month ago in both sectors was unchecked. The Fouad Siniora government's troops failed to break through to the Palestinian camp and crush the pro-Syrian uprising. The Olmert government stood by unmoved as the most radical elements in the Middle East snatched the Gaza Strip on Israel's southwestern border.

The Bush administration is finding itself forced out of key Middle East positions, its main assets Siniora and Mahmoud Abbas trounced on the battlefield.

Israel's technological feat of placing the Ofeq-7 surveillance satellite in orbit Monday quickly proved ineffective against the sort of tactics Tehran and Syria employ: mobile, suicidal Palestinian terrorists, heavily and cheaply armed with primitive weapons, who are winning the first round of the Summer 2007 war and preparing for the next.

Sidebar: Have you noticed how members of the Palestinian Resistance Movements terrorist groups and other Islamist groups like Hezbollah always hide their faces? Supposedly it's to protect their identity from "collaborators." However, I can't help but wonder if their aggressiveness under a mask comes from a deep-seated cowardice, a fear that they are already losing. If their cause is so just and noble for their (g)od, how come they have to hide their faces? Seems to me that they are basically cowards.

Posted by Richard at June 13, 2007 8:56 AM

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