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June 16, 2007

Open Letter To The American Senate

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

Dear Senators,

It is an outrage that with over 70% of the American people asking Congress to rather implement our existing immigration laws, and vehemently opposed to the recently defunct "amnesty" bill legislation, that the "Unholy Alliance" made up of President Bush, the McCain "RINO" Republicans, and the Kennedy - Reid pro-unfettered illegal immigration Democrats in the Senate, be contemplating reviving it once again, and trying once more to shove it down our collective throats against our will! I am so outraged and ashamed by Senator Reid and all his positions, as a Nevadan, that it is appalling - so much for "representative government"!

And now President Bush - not content with his legacy of "10th century Muslim tribal savages love democracy" and "give Palestinians 'Free Elections' so that they can choose the HAMAS terrorists to govern them" pipe dream incompetency in dealing with Iraq and the Middle East - wants to do one better by also surrendering our sovereignty to Mexico, and even recently attended a Hispanic "Prayer Meeting" event, I suppose in the hopes that the defunct "scamnesty" bill would miraculously rise from the dead Lazarus-like through the power of "La Raza's" prayers to the bloodthirsty Aztec gods of their indigenous ancestors! If Bush gets his way on this one, his will prove to be an "enduring legacy" indeed!

As a concerned American I want Congress to enforce our existing laws - including deportations - and secure our porous borders, and not give another free pass and a path to citizenship to over 12 million alien law breakers here illegally, that have no business here in the first place had the government done its duty to begin with and kept our borders secure in the first place!

They are taking away our jobs, abusing our social services at taxpayer expense, lowering our standards of education for our children in order to accommodate their illiteracy, downgrading our quality of life, and eroding our national identity!

Proponents of this "amnesty" travesty bill use the fallacious argument that these illegal, mostly Mexican, immigrants are here to "do the jobs other Americans won't do." Tell that to my son, who lost his landscaping business because paying $18.00 an hour to "legal American" workers he could not compete with unscrupulous landscapers hiring "illegal Mexicans" at $6.00 an hour. Tell that to all those other Americans, who like my son, have lost their businesses, or can't find work, or lost their jobs, to all these illegal aliens swarming us and living amongst us with impunity!

Or tell it to the senior citizen couples on a fixed income living in our cities, who are driven out of their one bedroom apartments by exorbitant artificially inflated rents, that keep rising because of the demand created by these illegal aliens who are willing to pay such prices because twenty of them will share a one bedroom apartment in appallingly unsanitary and crowded conditions and in violation of every City Zoning law, Fire Department code, and Health Department ordinance imaginable, endangering not only themselves but all those around them, while unscrupulous landlords look the other way! How can a senior couple on a fixed income compete with 20 illegal aliens willing to pay such exorbitant rents to live in such deplorable conditions? Where will such seniors go then?

I have a friend from the Philippines who, when she emigrated to America seeking the "American Dream" as all immigrants do, left her son behind in the Philippines with her mother. He was just three-years-old at the time. She immediately applied to bring him over legally, and has been waiting for eighteen years for his turn.

In all this time, and though she visits him, her son has grown into a young man, and she has missed irreplaceable moments of his childhood that she will never be able to recover, because she did what was proper and followed and OBEYED THE LAW. And now you tell me that the Mexican illegal aliens that crossed the border last year are going to be given "amnesty", a "free pass", a "path to citizenship", and "family reunification", while my friend, not only lost sharing her son's precious childhood as a mother, but is still waiting??? How fair is that?!?! Had she known, she'd would have just sneaked him across our southern border - just one more young Mexican sneaking over!

And I would like to stress, before anyone levels any accusations of "bigotry" and or "racism" against me, that I myself am an immigrant, and the son of immigrants, that I happen to be of truly "Hispanic" (as in from Spain) descent, and have relatives who are Mexican and or of Mexican descent, that though an American I am very proud of my ancestry, that all my great-grandparents, both on my father's as well as my mother's side of the family, hailed from Spain - and no, that we did not sneak across the southern border, but came here LEGALLY.

Had the Federal Government and Congress enforced our immigration laws and secured our borders back in 1986 when we granted all the illegals amongst us then "amnesty" the first time around, we wouldn't be having this out of control infestation right now. Legalize these 12 to 20 million illegal aliens amongst us and more will simply keep coming. When will it stop, when they have taken over?!?!

What Lawmakers like yourselves need to do is to stop pussyfooting around, wringing your hands effeminately, and stop selling yourselves out to "Big Business," "La Raza," and other "Reconquista" and special interest groups, represent the will of the people that ELECTED YOU, and enforce our existing immigration laws with real "TEETH" - including DEPORTATIONS of all here illegally - and stop trying to figure a way of shirking-off your responsibility to address head-on the government's past dismal failure in enforcing our immigration laws and securing our borders since that first "amnesty" of 1986 - looking the other way as over 12 million more illegal aliens swarmed us after that - by instead of addressing the problem created by our government's failure and reluctance to enforce our existing immigration laws, compounding it by conveniently getting rid of that "pesky technicality" that in fact these aliens are here ILLEGALLY, simply by enacting legislation "legalizing" them, and rewarding the illegality of all these illegal law breakers invading our country. Period! Remember my "law abiding" Filipino friend's son: eighteen years and still waiting!

Stop this "scamnesty" madness now, enforce our existing laws, and secure our borders first!

It's high time we all realize, even all of you sell-out politicians in "Washington Lululand," that, to paraphrase the very apropos words of a song by the late legendary Cuban "Salsa Queen" Celia Cruz : "No hay cama pa' tanta gente." (There's not enough room in the bed for so many people.)

So very true, enough is enough! Enforce and stop "dilly-dallying" with more "scamnesty"!


An Outraged American

Posted by Althor at June 16, 2007 3:11 PM

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