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June 11, 2007

More Palestinian Infighting In Gaza

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

Apparently the $10 million that Norway paid directly to the Palestinian Authority for the salaries of civil servants didn't work quite the way they thought it would:

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) -- Gunmen fired at the house of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh of Hamas early Monday and warring factions threw militants to their deaths from high-rise buildings, in a dangerous escalation of infighting in Gaza.

There were no reports of casualties in the attack on Haniyeh's house in the Shati refugee camp next to Gaza City. His office wouldn't say whether he was inside when the house and surrounding area came under heavy fire for about 15 minutes from a nearby high-rise building. But his wife, children and grandchildren were, his family said.

It was the first time in a month of fighting between Hamas and the rival Fatah group that Haniyeh was an apparent target.

Have these people ever heard of the idea of "civilization"? Years of indoctrination to terrorism, violence, and hate, have resulted in the Palestinian society and culture being so dysfunctional that the they can't even establish a lasting peace between themselves. So how can we rationally expect them to make peace with the Israelis?

Earth to Europeans: Money to terrorists only results in more terrorism; and in the case of the Palestinian leadership, who lack even the most rudimentary elements of any sense of nationhood and willingness to set aside ideological differences and pursuit of power for the sake of the common good of the Palestinian people, it only results in them killing each other - or money funneled to various terrorist factions to attack more Israelis.

Of course, let's get real. The infighting was going on before Norway paid the $10 million. The Palestinians are incapable of establishing a functional government, and they were fighting amongst themselves long before now and will continue to do so. Having more money simply gives them more to fight over. Complicating these facts is that the Palestinians appear to be as much motivated by revenge and hate, as money and power. In fact, peace between Palestinian factions and between the Palestinians and Israel, to a large degree rests upon a complete change of heart in the Palestinian people and a greater desire for peace than for revenge and hate for Isreal.

From the behavior we've witnessed so far from the Palestinian leadership from all factions, and judging from the Palestinian indoctrination of their children to violence and hate (videos), it appears there's little chance of this happening for at least a couple more generations.

Posted by Abdul at June 11, 2007 4:40 AM

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