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June 1, 2007

Iran warns academics: 'Talk to foreigners and we will view you as a spy'

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Just another benefit of living under Islamic sharia law: Cracking down on thoughtcrime in Iran:

The mood has been captured on campuses by the appearance of slogans such as "the cultural revolution is forthcoming", seen as signalling a return to puritanical values of the 1979 Islamic revolution. It has been accompanied by tales of harassment for such perceived offenses as advocating a two-state solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict or even wearing a tie, seen as a decadent western affectation.
Wherever Islamism goes, so goes its ethos:
Throwing acid in the faces of women who fail to don the hijab, flogging people for sporting non-Islamic haircuts, and stoning to death violators of sexual norms are only a few examples of a raft of daily barbaric acts of Islamists in places like Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, and many Islamic lands. Other forms of Islamic brutalities such as Honor Killing have already found their way to Germany and other European countries with the ever-burgeoning Muslim populations.

Reading about these religiously-mandated horrific acts and even seeing them on television or the Internet may momentarily repulse, but does not terribly concern many Americans. Afterall, those things are happening on the other side of the world, and those people deserve each other; we are safe in fortress America ...

So goes the thinking...

HT - Robert Spencer

Posted by Richard at June 1, 2007 8:11 AM

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