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June 15, 2007

Hamastan A Prelude For What's To Come (Updated)

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

The AP reports that Hamas' first day of full rule in Gaza and the announcement that Gaza is now an Islamist state, has been marked by crowds looting the strongholds of the rival Fatah - stripping the home of one of the party's strongmen down to the flower pots - and throwing yet another man death from a rooftop:

Gazans awoke to the new reality of Hamas control, fraught with uncertainty and fear that they'll become even poorer and more isolated. Gaza's crossings with Egypt and Israel -- lifelines for the fenced-in territory -- have been closed this week, and it was not clear if they would reopen. Extended closure could quickly lead to a humanitarian crisis.

More than 90 people were killed in five days of fighting, and dozens wounded.

The morgue at Gaza City's main Shifa Hospital was overflowing, with bodies lined up on the floor; some of the wounded were sleeping on cardboard on the floor.

The buildings that symbolized Fatah's power, the National Security headquarters and Abbas' residence, were guarded by Hamas men.

... Earlier Friday, Hamas announced it had arrested 10 of the most senior Fatah leaders in the strip, including the commanders of Abbas' own elite guard unit and the chief of the National Security force, but it later declared an amnesty for all Fatah leaders, and several Fatah leaders, including spokesman Tawfiq Abu Khoussa, were released.

... In all, about a dozen Fatah fighters were executed, gang-land style, since Gaza fell to Hamas late Thursday, according to people with ties to Fatah. Among those killed was Samih Madhoun, a leader of a feared militia, whose bullet-riddled body was found Thursday evening. Madhoun was captured by Hamas at a roadblock, and Hamas posted a photo of the blood-covered corpse, sprawled on the ground, on its Web site.

Under the specter of hooded gunmen from Hamas taking over the office of defeated moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, one Gaza citizen was spurred to say, "I see Iraq here." Hamas, a radical Islamic terrorist organization that does not believe in the right of Israel to exist, nor even the right of others who disagree with their ideology - to live, has effectively taken control of Gaza. And with the Hamas victory in Gaza, the Middle East could indeed also be entering a whole new world of radicalism. Thomas Friedman notes that on Wednesday, Israeli security forces arrested a pregnant Palestinian mother of eight and her niece, also a mother, as they attempted to carry out a suicide bombing in Israel.

Welcome to the world and what could be the future of a world under radical Islam. With Hamas in control of Gaza we can expect to see even more radical fundamentalists. As Middle East expert Dennis Ross says, "Every branch of radical Islamists will be there," . "From al-Qaida to Hezbollah joining Hamas."

And the ramifications of that could well effect the world.

As Gaza has gone, now under control of Islamist Hamas - controlled by Iran, and with Iran and Sryia working to have Hezbolah control Lebanon, Iranian arms moving into Afghanistan, Iran-directed Shia killing our forces - undeterred, in Iraq, Israel now under the threat of a pincer between Islamist Hamas in Gaza and Islamist Hezbollah in Lebanon, and the union between radical Islamic regimes and the Central-South American anti-US Leftists now complete, are we now to see the entire ME also unfold into some kind of a Islamistan controlled by Iran and al-Qaeda, and more of the same in the Americas? What the West does and doesn't do in the months ahead could very well determine the outcome of what began with Hamastan.

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Iran, with Syria as its puppet, now has Hamas, armed and firing rockets into Israel's cities, in the Gaza, on one side of Israel, they also have Hizbullah, stockpiling rockets along Israels northern border, right under the nose of the UN that is there to prevent it, and then, finally we have Syria, according to Arab News making full war preparations for war with Israel.

Posted by Richard at June 15, 2007 12:22 PM

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