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June 13, 2007

Hamas Publishes Fatah Hit-List, Confiscates US-Supplied Weapons

Topics: Middle East News and Perspectives

As the civil war between Hamas and Fatah terrorists rages on in Gaza , with Hamas on the verge of victory, reports that Hamas has seized thousands of weapons and vehicles granted to Fatah by the Oslo Accords:

A Hamas spokesman said that a decision had been taken to kill all of Fatah's leading officials, who he referred to as "dogs beholden to their Israeli masters."

Hamas has distributed a list of at least 30 Fatah officials it seeks to have killed for complicity, they say, in a US-backed plan to topple Hamas. The first name is senior Fatah terrorist Mohammed Dahlan, who holds the position of National Security Adviser in the Fatah-Hamas PA unity government. He has been hiding out in Egypt for the past two months. Many of the other Fatah men on the list have fled Gaza.

Hamas took over nearly all Fatah positions in Gaza and confiscated thousands of rifles, tons of ammunition and armored jeeps and APCs supplied by the US, Egypt and Israel over the years.

... Hamas has completely taken control of northern Gaza, declaring it closed to members of the Fatah-loyal PA forces. In central Gaza, Hamas took over Fatah Presidential Guard positions with hardly any resistance. A Fatah position controlling Gaza's main road was also seized and destroyed. The only Fatah presence remaining in Gaza is a few positions in Gaza City.

So much for applying democracy to backward, medieval, Islamic societies steeped in hate and intolerance, who indoctrinate their children to commit suicide for Allah and who can't even get along with themselves, much less their neighbors.

Posted by Richard at June 13, 2007 1:42 PM

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