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June 24, 2007

California Jesuit Priest, Long-Time Friend, Missing in Oregon

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missing_couple_photo.jpgPolice in Portland, Ore., asked for the public's help this week in finding a Jesuit priest from Orange, Calif., and a traveling companion from Alameda County who were last seen while on vacation two weeks ago. Colleagues of Cheryl Gibbs, 61, insist she isn't the type of person to miss work. So, they began to worry when she didn't show up for work. Neither the Rev. David Schwartz, 52, an associate director at the Loyola Institute for Spirituality, nor Cheryl Gibbs, 61, described as friends for 20 years, returned to their respective workplaces, triggering notice to police:

Police went to a hotel on Thursday where the two were last seen on June 7 and searched. Schmautz did not disclose the name of the hotel.

The two are described as avid hikers and lovers of the outdoors.

"Most of the property was in the room," Schmautz said. The types of things that were taken were those for a day hike, including wallets and a maroon four-door 2005 Toyota Corolla with the California license plate No. 5MKN560, Schmautz said.

There was no evidence of foul play, but "what we believe is they found themselves in trouble" while on a day hike outside of Portland, Schmautz said.

Portland is popular with day hikers because there are many rugged, heavily-forested wilderness areas that are easily accessible within an hour or two.

"There are many directions persons can go and get back for the evening, Schmautz said.

However, the wilderness areas are also the types of places where people can get into trouble and have no way to communicate, he said.

The two were traveling in a maroon, four-door, 2005 Toyota Corolla with California license plate 5MKN560. Anyone with information is asked to call 9-1-1 or Detective Mike Weinstein of the Portland Police Bureau at 503-823-0446.

Posted by Richard at June 24, 2007 5:56 PM

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