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June 16, 2007

Bush Wants Hispanics To Speak Up For Immigration Bill

Topics: Immigration and Border Issues

According to the Washington Times, President Bush told Hispanics yesterday to step into the middle of the immigration debate and make sure senators who have been bombarded with calls from opponents also hear from those who support the bill.

In other words, and as we've noted before, let's have the minority help the enablers of illegal immigration and amnesty in the Senate scam the majority of Americans who, unlike some of our public servants in Washington who have willfully forgotten the reality that our nation, economy, society, infrastructure, and culture can absorb only a limited number of new residents each year, are angry that now gone from government is the respect for the rule of law.

Do not be fooled by our legislators and media spin: The deportation process for illegal aliens and criminal alien residents is designed for failure:

EOIR litigation bureaucracy is the problem, not the solution

The Executive Office for Immigration Review -- a federal agency made up of the U.S. Immigration Court system and its appellate body, the Board of Immigration Appeals -- is the centerpiece of a largely unknown permanent amnesty for illegal aliens and criminal alien residents within the U.S. Department of Justice.

With the complicity of the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security, the EOIR litigation bureaucracy forms the hidden piece of the puzzle of institutionalized mass immigration in the federal government.

Deportation of foreign nationals in the United States is largely voluntary.

The lengthy EOIR system of hearings and appeals enables illegal aliens and criminal alien residents to remain in the United States both legally and illegally.

EOIR and the INS enable the vast majority of detained aliens facing deportation to be released back to the streets on an immigration bond or paroled out of federal custody during the EOIR hearing process, giving every non-detained illegal alien and criminal alien the option of disappearing back into the United States regardless of the outcome of their Immigration Court hearings.

The lack of physical security on the land border exposes the EOIR process for the charade that it is -- deported aliens just walk back in.

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Posted by Richard at June 16, 2007 9:16 AM

"Bush Wants Hispanics To Speak Up For Immigration Bill"...

Of course, since they have been so "hush" and "demure" - especially the millions of illegal Mexican aliens in our midst that arrogantly took to the streets of our cities in protest with impunity, waving Mexican flags, wearing communistic "Ché" T-shirts, and carrying signs proclaiming "Reconquista", this lands as
"theirs", and "White Americans of European descent" as the true "illegal alens" on this continent!

Perhaps "El Bush Presidente" wants them to "riot" a bit more than they did in McCarthur Park in L.A., maybe set a few cars and neighborhoods on fire (like the Muslims in Paris), and, you know, just "capture" a bit more public attention - be heard a bit "louder"?!?!

It seems they have been too "muted" for his taste!



Posted by: Althor at June 16, 2007 10:25 PM

Walls have never worked in history:

The Chinese wall, it didn’t work,

The Berlin wall: a complete failure

The Maginot Line (a line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, machine gun posts and other defences which France constructed along its borders with Germany). Another failure.

This last term is sometimes used today to describe any comically ineffective protection.
One thing is certain, in the long run, all have proven his futility and uselessness.

Posted by: memo at June 17, 2007 7:01 PM

Well Memo, I hate to disappoint you, but the wall the Israelis built to keep Palestinian terrorists and suicide bombers out is working just fine. That's the kind of wall we need.


Posted by: Althor at June 18, 2007 10:25 PM

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